4 Ways You Can Use Digital Tools to Strengthen Your Small Business

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Are you having trouble getting your new enterprise off the ground? It may not be you or your employees that are causing the stagnation. If you feel you’ve hired the right people and are leading your team with empathy and open communication, the problem may lie within your organizational system. Consider implementing digital tools to automate and speed up the time it takes to do routine tasks. If you’re not sure where to start, let BosonHub help with the following suggestions.

Automate Your Payroll and Employee Work Hours

Perhaps the most crucial step to ensure your small business is operating efficiently, aside from setting up an inventory management process, is automating your payroll system as well as your employees’ schedules. If your business is too small to implement a fully automated payroll — perhaps you only work with two other team members — consider using a payroll template along with mobile apps or other tools to track the hours employees work, manage upcoming shifts, and digitally catalog invoices.

Use an LLC Formation Service

Depending on your line of work, your business may need to be qualified as an LLC or as an S corporation. Do some research before filing and registering your company with the government to ensure the right classification and to gain the proper tax benefits.

Registering your business as a separate entity is especially important if you are operating your business out of your home, working with family members, or functioning in any other area that blurs boundaries between your private and business lives. Another important step to consider when formalizing operations is joining your local chamber of commerce, which can increase your brand’s credibility and connect you to a local network of small business owners like yourself.

Utilize Project Management Software

If you sometimes find that you and your team are not operating on the same page, try utilizing a software program that lets you track employee progress in real-time. There are many types of project management software, but the best ones often centralize your team’s work in an eye-catching, color-coded way that is both interactive and intuitive.

You and your team may not need all the bells and whistles that come with many upscale project management software packages. Consider your needs as a team: Are you falling behind on payroll? Do you need a centralized portal to keep a record of employee shifts? Are your employees simply having trouble communicating from the beginning to the end of their projects? Once you determine your requirements, you can select the best software to fulfill them.

Don’t ignore the power of a program that helps your team communicate. According to Workplace, team members who collaborate operate more confidently and effectively. Over time, this software should help you address the weak points in your team’s communications and help you work together toward solutions.

Give Yourself an Edge

By now, you probably already have a sense of how competitive the business world is. That’s why it’s important to give yourself an edge however you can. Learn from your mistakes. Likewise, learn from your competitors; what worked for them, and what didn’t? Additionally, you can boost your career and give yourself the inside track by getting a degree — preferably through a flexible online program, so that you can keep working while you learn.

Small business owners often have to wear many hats during the day that include acting as a recruiter, employer, project manager, and even as a stand-in human resources consultant. This frequent multitasking can lead to stress and burnout. By using digital tools to improve specific facets of your individual roles, as well as your collaboration with your team, you free up time to address more important daily issues.

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