5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content Now

With emerging ways of creating content every single day, it’s important to expand the lifecycle of the content in an effective way, so that you can save not only time and money but improve the engagement rates too. 

Before we could dig deeper into how we can repurpose content, let’s look at some great statistics:

  • Almost 60% of marketers repurpose content two to five times. 
  • Due to the creative content repurposing strategies, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing 
  • Content marketing results in 3X leads 

There’s an overwhelming list of the ways when it comes to content repurposing. But one thing that stays constant is that content that is repurposed must be creative and it should include the element of storytelling.

Role of Creativity and Storytelling 

You can choose any content that you had created ten years back, and update it with fresh data. Boom! There you have a new form of content more engaging, relevant, and fresh. 

Creativity plays a critical role when repurposing content because you can’t just rephrase dry content over again. First, because the content consumption behavior of the user has significantly changed, secondly you need to adapt to the new trends. And, that’s when you have to leverage the power of creativity and storytelling. 

In this blog, we will be discussing in detail how you can repurpose content in a variety of ways so that it stays around forever. 

Turn your Long Blog Post into a YouTube Video

Have you recently written a blog post? It’s great to convert it into a YouTube video. You can also choose an old blog post from your website and give it a fresh perspective by updating the data and information and converting it into a video. 

How-to posts, or tips, are great to convert into videos. The reason? The video form of content is far more consumable than written text. People love visuals rather than text. As a result, the engagement rates of videos are higher. 

The amount of video consumption has doubled since 2018. That’s why 86% of businesses use video content for their marketing purpose. 

You must have a video marketing strategy onboard. It’s time to enhance it and improve it through cost-friendly ways by using all the resources that you have on board. 

You don’t have to buy new high-end video-making tools to create videos for your YouTube channel. Neither do you have to hire a video production team, but you can easily create content for your YouTube using the old content and keep it going. Once you create a video you can reshare them on all the social media platforms to improve its reach and visibility. 

So here’s what you can do to turn your blog post into a video. 

  • Choose a how-to or tips blog post
  • Create a script
  • Use royalty-free images 
  • Choose royalty free background music 
  • You are all done 

Create Appealing Infographics

Infographics are a great way to convert dry content into fresh and appealing visuals. It is particularly great when you have some material that’s full of statistics or data. Infographics allow you to add colorful images, and turn data into graphs, etc. 

Infographics have been doing great over social media. You must have seen those infographics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. The process of creating infographics is easy and you don’t need to be a professional designer for that. 

You can choose a free infographic maker that tailors your business needs. Just choose among hundreds of the templates and use the drag and drop options to tell stories with data. The benefit of choosing templates is you can save yourself from a lot of hassle and you are able to create gorgeous infographics. 

Both B2B and B2C marketers use infographics as a key business tool. According to studies, 65% of B2B marketers & 59% of B2C marketers use infographics as a marketing tool. 

Infographics allow you to use less text and more visuals, as a result, you can tell stories with designs, colors, and visuals. 

Create an eBook

How many times you have signed up for a pop-up to get the ebook that promises to give you the best industry tips or quick ways to help you reach your goal. An ebook like this does wonder because if any visitor lands on your website, he looks for the shortcut and wants to know secret sauces of how your services are going to help him achieve his goal. 

Just gather all the info about any specific topic and create an ebook as an industry expert. 

A great ebook can also be a great way to engage your audience to move forward into the sales funnel.  You can upsell, or cross-sell your product. 

So for example, if the ebook is about how to make sales, and if you have recently launched a paid course about how to make 2X sales in 2 months. If the reader likes your eBook chances are he will sign up for the paid course. It’s that easy!

Repurpose your Blog into Several Guest Posts 

You are an industry expert, and you know your thing. I am sure guest posting must be on your list in order to improve brand awareness and link-building strategy

If you are starting off with the guest posting strategy, why not just repurpose your blog content into fresh guest posts. It will also give you an opportunity to look back into the old blog posts and add the fresh data and update them. 

You can surely give a hundred forms to your single idea. If you have long-form of content, you can convert it into several guest posts for a great reach. For example, you can convert an in-depth guide on ‘How to Repurpose Content” into different ways, like, 

  • How to repurpose YouTube videos
  • How to repurpose blog posts
  • How to repurpose a podcast
  • How to repurpose user-generated content, etc. 

You see there are a lot of options. 

Just make sure the guest post you have repurposed is accordingly to the blog rules, or it will not be accepted. Guest posts are a great way to bring in juicy content and improve your link-building strategy. 

The goal is to repurpose your content in a way that is still original so that you are not penalized the search engines. Plus, it saves time and money! 

Turn a Webinar into a Presentation, Email Sequence, Blog Post, or YouTube Video 

A webinar lasts for a short period of time which is often jam packaged with valuable information. So, if you are launching a webinar, it’s great to get a recording of that and convert it into a blog post, a YouTube video, or a presentation. 

Some people who might have missed it will benefit from the recordings, but for more value, it’s great to convert it into a YouTube video or a blog post, or a great presentation. 

  • You already have had a presentation ready for the webinar. Just use the script and add the key points that have been discussed throughout to convert it into a great powerful presentation. 
  • You can choose the snippets of the filmed webinar to convert into short YouTube videos. 
  • Gather all the value that’s been discussed and convert it into a blog post. The blog post could be, a how-to or list post, digest post, quote compilation post, or an infographic post. 
  • Turn the data or key ideas discussed into great social media posts 
  • Create an email sequence that includes a follow-up email with the participants, or an email with the resources. You can also include the key ideas that were discussed in the Q&A session during the webinar. 

Well, these are just a few of the options to repurpose your webinar content. Once you repurpose the webinar, you can update all the people who have signed up for it. 

Send them an email and let them know about the new content. This would be a great way to keep the participants engaged, those who attended it or the ones who missed it. Plus, it’s a great way to promote future webinars. 

Create a piece of content, and you will have a hundred ways to repurpose it so that it stays around for life. It stays true particularly when we have tens of platforms each sticking to a different form of content. Each year we get a new platform that allows us to share content in a more engaging, friendly, and advanced way. 

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