Born in Oregon. Serving Globally

Since 2012, BosonHub had built relationships with companies around the State of Oregon and in 10 countries around the world. We serve as the one-stop-shop for companies small and large, in a diverse of industries.

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Over 350 Webpages Built

From Learning Management Systems to virtual events, we have built WordPress webpages that generate leads and income for our clients.

Diverse Industries

We work within a wide range of industries, from virtual events with OSU 4-H Extension to Soto Outdoors online camping store.

Technical + Business

Our agile team combines technical expertise with effective, content-focused search engine optimization campaign under the same roof.

Globally Focused

Our multi-lingual team is fluent in several languages and had cultural comptentcy to work with teams and clients around the world.

Service Focused.
Community Minded.

The roots of BosonHub start back In 2004, when I built my first webpage by a computer repair company called Speedally, Inc.

During the “Great Recession” in 2008, my family branched out to start their own event planning business focused on trade shows in the biotechnology space and by 2010, needed to build an online presence to continue growing.

After this webpage was launched, friends and family connections quickly filled up our production schedule so that by the end of 2012, I needed to bring on new members to the BosonHub team.

In 2014, we began offering ongoing digital marketing services, focused on search engine, optimization and Google ads.

It’s been an incredible journey over the last (almost) two decades building digital tools for my family, friends, and clients. I absolutely seeing the success of those I work with and serve. It’s very humbling to work with such amazing companies near and far. 

Stephen Hodges

Stephen Hodges


First Webpage Built

Rebranded as BosonHub Digital Development

Began offering SEO and PPC Services.

First International Clients

Built SVG Online - Events Management Platform

What Our Customers Say:

“Stephen’s services are worth every penny, he is incredibly knowledgeable, and equally as dedicated to providing a very customized experience by attentively listening to your needs and honestly offering the best way to help you. I highly recommend his services to ANYONE interested in optimizing their website to the next level and get more visits, leads, and business.”