Gone are the days of keyword optimization. You might be thinking that the keyword research phase of any digital marketing campaign should be scrapped but that’s quite the opposite. Now more than ever, you should approach the keyword research phase with topical relevance in mind. That means posting content that shows your brand’s expertise in your industry. You shouldn’t just stop there however. Like most passionate entrepreneur, you want to be the expert in your field so conducting research to stay on top of the most current trends is now not only beneficial for you but also for your digital marketing efforts. What am I talking about exactly?  Link Building, the bed rock of SEO. Here are three articles to help you connect it all.

Goodbye Keyword Optimization — Welcome To The Age of Topical Optimization

Digital marketers have known for years that search engines were heading in the direction of user-friendly search results. The days when you were able to stuff keywords into your webpage are long gone and here to replace it are algorithms that give bigger weight to content that match exactly what users are searching for. Stoney deGeyler goes in depth on how you can prepare your content marketing strategy to best meet those requirements and the idea behind this algorithm that Google, Bing, and many other search engines are employing.

Data-Led Link Building: Audience Segmentation & Analysis

Digital marketing is not all about just producing your own content. It’s also about supporting your content with other content that supports whatever you’re writing. That means you have to make research and link building a big part of your SEO efforts. Just like Wikipedia, it is important to provide sources that support your content. This shows your users and those search engine algorithms that you not only have content that best matches what your prospective customers are looking for but also other content that proves it. That doesn’t mean you should go find random content that are totally unrelated to your article. Chris Liversidge highlights the best way to research effective links and how you can incorporate this phase into your content creation workflow.

The 7 Characteristics That Can Make A Link “Bad” For SEO

Besides researching relevant articles or keywords, there are other things to look for when link building. Google and many other search engines try their best to combat black hat SEO. If they do catch you, expect your website to be blacklisted and forever doomed for extremely low impressions or no impressions at all. Jayson DeMers has you covered. He highlights 7 things you should take into mind when link building or considering which link to use in your content.

There are many strategies you can use for content marketing but one thing will always remain true, content marketing is the foundation that you need to build in order to make your long-term digital marketing efforts successful. It’s up to you to formulate a strategy that interconnects all of these components into one cohesive effort. We would love to hear from you. Post your questions and comments below.