Fall is here! This brings many great things, especially up here in the Pacific Northwest. The trees begin to change colors, it becomes socially acceptable to drink the Pumpkin Spice Lattés again, and students head back to school. The starting of the school year is particularly important for me since I am also a secondary teacher as well as the Corporate Chief of BosonHub. This gives me a great opportunity to integrate real-life business and technology applications into my classes, and stay abreast of the most up-to-date technology trends.

In addition to Boson’s 2:1 commitment to Portland-area nonprofits, our company strives to support the educational community by encouraging students to get involved in web development and entrepreneurship. By talking about how I started this business, and explain actual business situations (with the client anonymous, of course), students get a glimpse at how to start a company and how technology can be used to start a business and provide an entrepreneurial way of life. Our hope is that my students discover an interest in business or web or app development, and continue to explore outside of the classroom

At the same time I started Boson, I saw an opportunity to take what I do in my classroom, and expand it across the world. We started a non-profit called Nerds Abroad to take my experiential learning model globally. The mission of Nerds Abroad is to “leverage technology and education to support computing needs in communities around the globe.” This is to say, we want organizations and missions around the world to be empowered to take care of their own IT and web needs through our curriculum and partnership network.

Fall is my favorite season, and I am thankful for how quickly BosonHub has grown, and I am equally thankful that we have several outlets to give back to our community.

Drop us a line if your organization is looking for a digital agency partner, or if you’d like to get involved with Nerds Abroad.