It is no farce that this year, 2020, has posed a whole new set of challenges for individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide. Businesses have had to change their entire operating model, annual events have been cancelled or postponed, and business owners are having to move to a fully or mostly online platform in as little time as possible. During COVID-19, BosonHub has been working tirelessly to help prepare business owners for such sudden and unexpected changes.

Virtual Online Events:

Starting in March, BosonHub became a founding partner in a company called Vehlo Virtual – an online events management company. We found that organizations, particularly non-profits, found themselves in a predicament under the implementation of social distancing laws. A lot of organizations had to cancel or postpone their annual fundraising events – one of the most crucial events that they have all year. Non-profits rely on the donations that these in-person events make for their yearly budget and projects. Other organizations operating trade shows, conferences, or exhibits also found themselves in a tough situation. That’s why we worked with Vehlo Virtual events to bring these important on-ground events to an online platform that we built.

Vehlo Virtual is an organization bringing web-based, branded, and customizable online experiences to anyone wanting to still hold an event with a bit of a different look. Vehlo Virtual provides an engaging and customizable experience with many different features to fit your needs for the event being hosted. Not only do you get help with the planning and preparation of your event through booking with Vehlo Virtual, but they also provide metrics of how the event went. The biggest benefit you would see is that the overhead cost of these events drastically decreases through this platform. So while you may be used to making a certain amount at the on-ground event, the cost of food, venue, and people to host the event drastically decreases and gives you more opportunity to go home with profits.

Our platform allows for live steaming video, breakout rooms, on-platform donations, live chat, registration, live and silent auctions, and much more. Our platform brings all these systems together in the same platform for an all-encompassing full-service digital event experience.

We are Booking Now!

Vehlo Virtual is currently booking events and working with organizations to begin the planning process of his new online events concept. We don’t know what the future holds for going back to on the ground events and COVID-19 might have caught us by surprise, but we aren’t letting it stop us from inventing a new way of doing business.

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