This week, BosonHub was represented at Young Entrepreneurs Business Week. This organization focuses on developing entrepreneurship and leadership skills of incoming freshman to outgoing seniors in high school. The organization has offered camps for students since 2006 and has expanded to 3 campuses in Oregon: University of Portland, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University.

I, Stephen, volunteered for this organization in 2009-2011 and thankfully, was accepted to act as a Company Advisor this year for two campuses, U of O and OSU. The first-year student experience is surrounded around BizSim, a fictional tablet company that teams operate; making decisions about production, management, and investments, seeking to have the highest stock price and cash value at the end of the week. Students also develop their own product and create a business plan, ending in a presentation to investors. Students gain incredible insight into operating a business, taking risk, opportunity recognition, and working as a team. Working with the program for many years, I have had the opportunity to keep in touch with program graduates; watching students land internships and careers in many companies around the country.

Several companies are represented here including PGE and the Campbell Global who send their employees to coach teams as well. Our companies understand the importance of giving back and educating the next generation in business. It is an honor to be a prominent part of this program, and I encourage anyone to get involved, as a student or as a supporter.

I will return to YEBW later next month at the business week and investing week programs at the Oregon State University.