Brand Building for Small Businesses

Branding is the company’s unique promise to the customer about what’s expected from the business’s products or services. Think of a company like FedEx. It promised customers that they would get packages overnight when competitors were pushing next-day service. The same applies to a huge range of Oregon-based companies.

Your ability to keep your branding simple while expressing core values is a challenge because branding is an iterative process, not a static one.

How Branding Affects the Customer Relationship

Branding touches all aspects of the customer relationship because one of the objectives is to build awareness or familiarity in such a way that the business is at the top of the customer’s mind.

All businesses need to find their target market, and the best way to do that is through research. This goes beyond demographics, such as age and gender. It’s about knowing what their problems are, how what you offer solves them and where they are in their buying journey. Zenbusiness has more on this here.

This is important because not only are customers more likely to buy from brands they know — 60% of them are likely to share the brand with their loved ones. Branding affects shareholder perception, which also influences the valuation of a company.

Branding Deliverables

Expensive branding agencies offer packages that include market and competitor research, web design, and brand design, but as a smaller business, you may not have the budget for all of those options.

Effective options to employ include building a web page,  learning the basics of SEO, and growing your email list with special offers. In many cases, creating edutainment videos can improve customer acquisition by over 90%.

Building Your Brand

One of the reasons why taking the time to build your brand is important is because only 25% of customers feel confident in large brands. Due to that gap, taking the time to research and reach out to your target market can pay dividends.

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Image via Pexels