There are three main reasons why you should have a website for your business. You might be thinking, “I’m only a small business, why should I have a website?” Well, you should have a website especially when you are a small business. This article will outline the reasons why having a website is vital in promoting your business successfully.

Gaining Exposure

First and foremost, marketing is one of the most essential aspects in making your company successful. One of the most successful marketing strategies is web presence. Having a website increases a company’s clientele, thus allowing you to promote your company. Your website will also allow you to increase your company’s stream of income by exposing your product to the endless ocean of data, the Internet. In 2015, about 3.4 billion people spent their time surfing the Internet. Having a website allows this niche of possible clients to view your website and gain exposure. Local companies without a website many times are limited to exposure within your community. That means that you are missing more than 99.9% of the customers that you could be reaching. If you don’t already have a website in place, your business is missing out big time.

Updated statistics in 2020 can be seen here:

Updated statistics in 2021 can be seen here:

Getting an Edge Over the Competition

Since 60% of small businesses (1-5 employees) do not have a website, having one in place means your business is ahead of the game. Often times, potential clients may overlook your business because of business giants that have a similar product in the market. Aside from promoting your website amongst the big giants and other small businesses, you also open your business for an opportunity to grow, prosper, and gain market share.

You are Open 24/7!

With a website, your company is accessible 24/7 locally and globally. With the new technological era we live in, having a website is beneficial because customers will have access in just a touch of a button. Whether they reach you during business hours or not, your website will provide information and tools about your business.

The bottom line: Having a website is a key ingredient to a successful business. BosonHub offers a wide range of web design, hosting, and web-building solutions for your business! In just one day, you can have your website up and running, free of charge if you host with us. Give us a shout!

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