You’ve likely been receiving some sort of communication from companies and organizations over the last several days with how each is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic (which reminds me who has my contact information!). Businesses small and large have sent out messaging about supporting one another, giving discounted services, and extending cancellation policies, etc. Over the last few days, I’ve taken the time to reflect and respond here.

A lot of small businesses during this time are scrambling to figure out what this means or could mean, and what next steps are needed to stay open. It has been beautiful to see a vast array of businesses offering to help their customers, their employees and other companies. I feel it’s BosonHub’s turn to step up and help as well.

From now until April 30th, anyone who is looking for assistance with their digital presence can contact me for a free hour of consulting work. Specifically, establishing or growing your web presence, adding video conferencing service offerings, idea generating for next steps, or just be a helpful ear for how to weather this storm.

How can this help? Here are some folks we have already assisted:

  • Moving an agricultural business from in-person only to Shopify.
  • Transitioning in-person classes to Zoom meeting(s).
  • Install an Event Management platform for continuing tradeshows online.
  • Prepare to teach in-person business classes online.

As a business educator for the last 10+ years, as a volunteer for Oregon RAIN, and after running BosonHub since 2011, I feel I have a strong grasp at working with diverse businesses, creating solutions to problems, and helping bring new innovative thoughts to the table. I hope I get the chance to share some ideas with you, through this challenging time.

There are no expectations and no obligation to continue working together after the consult. I simply want to offer my services to my fellow small business owners. It can be scary to see decreased customer flow, businesses decreasing hours, and the uncertainty of what comes next. Regardless of what happens, I want you all to know that I am here for you and am willing to pour into communities that have given so much to me and my family.

I wish you all health and prosperity in all that you do this year.

My best,

Stephen Hodges

CEO – BosonHub