Over the past several weeks, we have been getting REALLY good at learning about backup solutions, how hosts backup data, and what is the best strategy for small businesses. Various situations have led us to learn as much as we can about this, including one of our client’s losing his webpage. Here is a quick summary of what we found.

Hosts (such as 1and1, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.) all offer their own backup solutions as a part of purchasing one of their hosting packages, but in our experiences, they are not very frequent or they are not complete (unless you purchase a premium service.) We found this with one of our clients who had their webpage hacked and hijacked. The backups that their host had not only were incomplete, but were only available for random days throughout the month, not after major updates/changes, etc. We had to rebuild the site, losing some data along the way. Thankfully, some elements we had already saved during the build. Lesson learned: no matter the host, a small business needs to have their own backup solution!

You might be asking: Why would anyone want to hack the site of my small business?

Sites get hacked. It is a sad part of living in the digital age. Even a low-traffic site can get hacked. Many times, it is for holding your site ransom (ransomeware), or using your site as a platform for infecting other computers or mobile devices. Thankfully, modern browsers (Firefox and Chrome) have warnings for when you visit a site that has been hacked. The picture above is from when our client site was hacked.

After taking down the old site, and redirecting the page to our secure server, we asked Google to unmark the URL as dangerous, and within 24 hours, we were back online!


Since we work primarily with WordPress sites, we will show you our recommendation for a backup plugin solution for a small business. If your business is larger, has e-commerce/increased security, etc., there are different solutions that we can do for you. BUT, for your basic webpage, we found the best plugin to be UpdraftPlus. You can use the free version of the plugin, in conjunction with a your free gmail-based Google Drive account. Installation is somewhat simple, and you can set an automatic backup to backup as frequently as you’d like. We recommend anytime after a major change/update to your site or, every month at the very least.

We also recommend plugins for security or login notifications. This is another way you can see if you are being hacked.

Boson is now a full-scale host! Host your webpage with us! We offer uncompromising customer-service and excellent speeds!

Moving forward, all of our clients now get their sites backed-up bi-monthly free of charge in two different locations, either using their own hosting services or using Boson’s server (we highly recommend this!). Some hosts also have very good internal backup solutions as well. Keep an eye out for this! It comes in handy if this ever happens to you. Just like insurance, you never know when you are going to need it, but when you do, you are thankful that you have proper coverage.

Update for 2021: If you are looking fo self-hosting, we recommend Siteground. Click here to get your first year 60% off!

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