With many different types of websites out there, it can be difficult to choose. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a website that satisfies your needs. Depending on what your needs are, that will dictate what website is suitable for you and which type of website can accommodate your needs. Here are some of the few types of websites that can be designed for your needs:


A blog is a traditional form of online journalism. They are most commonly used to connect with other people and be informational or sharing. Many people use blogs to share what they are passionate for and what they like to do. It is another way of displaying yourself and who you are. Think of it as an online journal for people to see. But, not only personal users utilize the beauty of blog websites. Most companies nowadays use blogs as one of their main way of connecting a community and establishing an involvement between the community and the company.

Ecommerce Website

Another popular type of website is an ecommerce website, which allows you to create a site focused on selling a product or service online. WordPress websites are also capable of making ecommerce websites thanks to plugins like Woo Commerce. If you are someone who wants to sell a product or service while looking more professional than using services like eBay, then this type of site is for you. You will look more professional, and it will save you money in the long run. Also, businesses, startups, and giant corporations alike use ecommerce websites to make their product and service available to everyone. This type of site will boost your economic growth drastically, if that is your goal/need.

Portfolio Website

This is an opportunity for you to showcase your work by making, essentially, and online portfolio. Websites with elements of a portfolio site will often contain high quality images, a beautifully designed gallery, and other aesthetics that enhance the viewing experience for users. This type of website is meant for businesses and personal users to have an online portfolio for everyone to see and recognize your work. This is common for artists, photographers, and anything artsy.

Business Website

A business website is, well, meant for business. These types of websites are created by professionals for an exquisite looking professional website. If you are someone who has a business or wants to start one, then a business website is something that you are looking for. A business website will typically have a landing page, an introduction to the company, and an e-store for purchasing their product or service.

Personal Website

In contrast to a business website is a personal website. This is usually targeted for those who want to start an amateur website for personal purposes. It allows you to have an ownership over a domain that you can access for all your personal reasons. Also, having a personal website will give you some sort of appearance on the Internet. You can use a personal website for things like sharing skills, tips, an inside preview of your life, and a lot more.

Wiki Websites

Wiki sites are a knowledge base style of website where a plethora of information is complied onto a website. A wiki website will let you have a site where you can create information that can be shared with others on the Internet. This makes a great area for sharing research with the world.

Social Media Website

Now that social media is so popular, many adore social media websites and this can make you into a business. It connect people with one another, lets them share thoughts about a matter, and worldwide connectivity. Building a social media website is great for individuals who want to start a new way of connecting and socializing with people on the Internet.

With the numerous types websites out there, your needs will dictate what type of website you need. These types of websites are just guidelines to show you what you might need. Still undecided which type suits you? Ask one of our professionals at Boson Hub for advise on which one is for you. Whether you need a blog, professional website, ecommerce site, personal websites, or any other type of website, Boson Hub can easily build you a website tailored to your needs.