If you need an ecommerce site, Woocommerce is the way to go.

We’ve been building a lot of ecommerce webpages for our clients recently, and we have come across some very common FAQs. This article today addresses what questions we’ve been getting, and the simple, straight-forward answers to help our clients start selling!

We will focus our answers within a WordPress environment, almost all our clients choose to use this Content Management System (CMS)!

  1. How long does it take to install an ecommerce site? About 1 minute. After WordPress is installed, it is as simple as adding Woocommerce as a plugin, activation, then going through the setup steps. The part that takes time is adding productions, descriptions, photos, and variations.
  2. What Payment gateway should I use? Meaning, which company should be the payment processor for my orders? If you are looking for a quick setup, PayPal or Stripe are some very easy and fast ways of getting up and running. The low 2%s + 30 cents (processing fees) are what you should be looking for when searching for a processor. In our experience, these two gateways integrate easily into accounting systems, like Quickbooks online.
  3. Do I need a special theme? You can if you find something you really like, but I always recommend Divi for my customers (click here for a discount). Divi integrates flawlessly and allows for much deeper customization than using more templated themes.
  4. How can I further engage my customers? Easy! You can ask your customers to join a newsletter, you can manually follow-up with customers, ask for product reviews, create coupons, show relevant products, and many more! A lot of this functionality is included in Woocommerce, and there are a lot of plugins that you can buy to automate much of this process. 
  5. Can we “do SEO on my shop?” (and variations of this question): YES! The best practices of SEO, including using Yoast plugin is key for your webpage. Using keywords in your product description, avoiding duplicate product pages, and focusing on great product for each item can go a LONG way for your store ranking. Learn more here.
  6. What about security? Make sure you have an SSL certificate installed and activated on your site! You can purchase Comodo certificates from us at a discounted rate.
  7. What else can I do? Make sure your site is easy to navigate, including making your store easily found from the home page. Site-wide audits for speed are also important. You can easily lose a conversion for a slow page. You can find plugins to help with caching, or you might need to upgrade your hosting plan (we provide hosting too!).

We build ecommerce sites for our clients on a regular basis. If you are looking to expand your business online, or to revamp your current store, contact us today!