It’s no secret – Facebook has become a tool most businesses use to engage with their customers. From links, to important information, news of upcoming events, giveaways, promotions and sales, Facebook helps move the spotlight onto a business when they’re fighting for some much-needed attention.
Not everyone, however, knows how to use Facebook effectively (or at all, for that matter). This article is not meant to get into the nitty-gritty details, like page analytics or Facebook Ads, but more as a resource for those who want to make a face for their business, but haven’t the foggiest idea how to get started…but don’t worry, we are to help!


1) Preparations


First off, it will make the things easier if you’ve prepared a few different items before hand. On your computer, create a folder called “Facebook”. In this folder, make two subfolders, titled “Info” and “Images”.
Your “Info” folder is where you should leave any documents that relate to the page. This will be word documents like a plan for your page (the Facebook Page plan is important, as it’ll give you direction and vision for future goals. Start out with simple goals, even just things like “gain 100 followers”, or page vision, like “posts should center around skiing and winter sports”). You can also place a spreadsheet here that contains necessary info like passwords, if necessary (as long as your computer is secure and not public).
In the “Images” file, you’ll want to populate it with any images you may want for your page, such as logos, product photos, and content-related images, which leads us to the next step.



2) Facebook Images and How to Use Them


Creating a Facebook Page is simple…you just need an email. All you do is sign up at, and begin placing images and information on your page to make it your own.
Each page has two “main” images: a profile image and a header image. Neither are permanent; you can always click on the picture and replace it with a new one. The profile image is a small box picture, and it shows up anywhere you interact on Facebook…it identifies you, so make sure it’s something easily recognizable, such as your logo or a picture of your storefront.
 The header image is only seen on your facebook page, at the top. It spans the top of the page, and should help visitors immediately identify what your company is centered around. For example, if you visit an outdoor retailer’s page, it’ll most likely be a scene of a hiker in the mountains, in a forest, at a lake, etc.
If it’s an equestrian page, you may see a horse or horses in a field, or a saddle slung over a fence…it should be interesting to look at, higher quality, and be directly related to you and/or the products you sell.




3) Followers


Followers are gained when a visitor to your page enjoys what they see, and “Likes” your page. Your page will show how many followers you have, and it’ll send you an alert letting you know someone has liked your page.
Every time your page is “Liked”, that is one more follower with a set of eyes on your content. When you post new content, those who have “liked” your page will see it on their personal home page (called the “Newsfeed”).
If it’s something related to what they’re interested in, they’ll be more likely to share or “Like” the content itself. When they do that, it posts an announcement to their followers’ newsfeed, which helps more people see it, and if one of those people find it interesting, they may drop by your page also, giving you a chance at gaining another follower. It’s a big cycle of likes and shares, so make sure you post interesting content!


4) Creating and Posting Content


Once you have your page set up – you have your images set, you’ve gone into the “Settings”, and updated the details, such as your contact information, the “about” info on your company, and things like hours of operation and general price range of goods – you should create a posting schedule for yourself. If you post too often, you may drive business away (it’s kind of like going to a reception, sitting at a table, and being overly talkative), but you also want to make sure you have a voice (instead of sitting at the table and not saying anything at all). For beginning a page, it’s not a bad plan to post every other or every few days.

As for what you post, it can be anything related to your business or “theme”. You can post a simple question, like “What are you up to this weekend?”, or you can post a picture, a video, a link to another website, or create an event (giveaways, get togethers, etc.).

Before posting, make sure you have some basic guidelines down. What is important to your company? What are you focused on? Anything related can be posted, but you want to have a clear voice and stick to a similar theme.
For a mechanic’s shop, you may want to post about great drives in the area, or maintenance hints, or about traveling. If you represent an art gallery, you’ll want to show pictures of artists’ work and what you’ve got hanging on the walls at your gallery …it’s all generally related, and builds an interesting page.




5) Interactions


Finally, the most important part of social media is being active…specifically by interacting with others. “Liking” other companies and their posts, building conversations with people who comment or post on your content, and following other companies helps you build a presence. Other Facebookers who see your name/picture/etc. may click over to your page, and follow you!
It’s just like any social interaction…the more effort you put into meeting new people, the more new people you’ll meet. In a way, it’s a numbers game; if you interact with 5 people, you have 5 chances at gaining a follower. If you interact with 10 people, you have that many more opportunities. Don’t be afraid to be creative, to start conversations, to step out of your comfort zone, and ultimately to develop your presence on Facebook.
We hope this guide helps you get a little handle on Facebook, and how to create a page. There is so much more to Facebook, but this is a great starting point. Boiled down, you just need to post some pictures, interact with other Facebookers, and have fun building your brand! We are always eager to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!Page