Local, and Trusted Website Hosting with a Human Touch.

While all webpages need a host, not all hosts are created equally. Our hosting services include a human touch to make sure you feel secure about the value we provide you. Whether you are building your own webpage or our professional team is taking care of it, BosonHub web hosting services can provide you the speed and reliability you need to succeed.

Our Process:

You Build or We Build.

We are Here for You.

Tell us about your project

We will make sure that we are providing the right server for you, and can step in whenever you need help (depending on your plan).

We setup WordPress and Divi for you

With over 1000 built-in layout options, you can quickly and easily build your own page using Divi Builder. Or, leave the hard work up to us!

Turn on our site! Change it whenever you want

Simply turn on the site whenever you are ready to show it off to the world!

What We Offer:

Need Custom Hosting Solutions?

All Hosting Plans Include

Divi Page Builder

Anyone can build their own webpage using Divi visual builder!

99% Uptime

The only times our servers are offline are due to planned maintanence

Secure Servers

Our servers are located around the world in secure data warehouses

Other Services We Provide:

Mobile-Friendly Webpages

Too busy to build your own page? Our professional team can build you a elegant page at a price you can afford.

Analytics and SEO

Who is coming to your page and how can you increase your sales conversions? We’ve got you covered.

Email, Social Media, and Business Consulting

Our team can provide a variety of skills to make sure your business keeps growing!

30 Days of Free Hosting + Free 30 minute Consult:

Unsure about how to proceed? Drop us a message below and we will give you a free consult! We will outline how you can get free hosting from us for 30 days to get you started.