Google Ads Management (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC), also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a paid advertisement methodology to help increase brand visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our team uses Google Ads to drive sales and engagement on our client’s webpages. We eliminate the confusion from digital ad campaigns and stretch your advertising dollars!

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PPC allows for businesses, both small and large, to bid for high rankings of specific search terms on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Bing. Effective campaigns can quickly boost online brand visibility, leading to increased sales and customer acquisition. Our experienced team researches high-volume keywords and builds multiple types of Google Ads to create an efficient, low cost-per-click campaign. SEM campaigns can enhance one of our SEO campaigns to create maximum conversions and increased ROI.

Our PPC Approach:

Keyword Research

During onboarding, we learn about your business, industry, and target market and extensively examine previous webpage traffic and conversion rates from past campaigns, if available. We utilize industry standard tools to examine keywords and search terms to assess for volume and competition.

Webpage Recommendations

While we offer specific onsite SEO Optimization packages, our PPC clients receives an onboarding and quarterly audit of their webpage to ensure prospective customers have a quality user experience regarding load time, mobile friendliness, and available content.

Ad Construction

Working with various ad types, such as search ads, display ads, and smart ads, we construct media assets that give a quality impression of your brand and are high-converting. Each month, we adjust which ads and media are in use based on several data points we analyze in our twice-monthly reports. 

Measurement and Iteration

 We ensure tools such as Google Analytics (and similar tools) are in place to track and measure customer acquisition and engagement. Twice per month, we analyze metrics to see how ads can be improved and further optimized.  We create a report twice per month analyzing what is working and what needs to be improved. Many clients work with us to set up automated marketing tools to help with client intake and leads management.

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SEM / PPC Costs:

Agency Fee

Paid to BosonHub
Appx.30%/of Ad Spend
  • Each client has a tailor-made management fee based on budgeted Ad Credit. The more credit in use, the more time it takes for us to manage.
  • Our fee is generally 20-35% of the amount of budgeted Ad Credit – the more credits in use, the smaller our fee as a percentage.
  • Generally, at least 5 hours per month of dedicated time is needed to assess ads, make changes to media assets, and report back for our client campaigns.
  • We report at the start of each month with an in-depth analysis on ad effectiveness and next steps. Our second report, in the middle of each month, is a shorter digest of analytics from Google Ads and Google Analyics.
  • Each quarter, we perform a deep-dive to provide additional ideas for potential next steps for SEM / PPC strategy.

Since 2014, we’ve managed over $202,000 of Google Ad spend, creating a total of 33 million ad impressions. Get started today!

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