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Over the last many months, BosonHub has been working on some great projects (like this one), sponsored a Gambler500 vehicle (what is that?), and also has been increasingly working with an organization called growyourexports.com. This has lead us to work and visit many businesses around Oregon and assist with their exporting efforts. Today’s blog will explore growyourexports.com, explain what BosonHub is doing to support these efforts, and how it can help your company.

BosonHub sponsored Gambler500 Vehicle

What is growyourexports.com?

This webpage was created to support Oregon agriculture businesses looking to expand business into international markets. With support from OMEP and Innovation Frameworks, growyourexports.com was built to help connect Oregon businesses with resources to perform more value-add within the state and also secure channels for export. Oregon is well known for the high quality of output of our agriculture with much of the product harvested then sent overseas for processing. With more processing done within the state, more jobs will be created and economically, we will be stronger. The goal is to have more value-add performed within the state before export; combined with industry experts and seasoned export professionals, to help determine how much value-add is performed and where it would best be sold.

Growyourexports.com Front Page

Our role

BosonHub was brought onto this project to help work on the main webpage with it’s connection to a CRM system (Customer relationship management). and educational aspects of the site. Once we learned more about the process, we began networking to identify prospects within our state who could benefit from the page, and also boost their domestic online presence before working with international contacts. The goal is to have stellar digital reputation before moving into a different country. We so far have identified several dozen companies and have helped a few companies through the program as a pilot. Our frequent trips around the state to visit business leads us to meet many amazing business owners and sample some tasty and quality treats!

Silvan Ridge Winery is amazing and you should go visit!

How we can help you:

If you own an agriculture-based business in the State of Oregon and you are looking to expand globally, please visit growyourexports.com or shoot us a message on our front page contact form. Many of the services we provide come at no cost to you. Give us a shout!