How to Assemble a Flexible Marketing Team

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An impactful marketing strategy is critical to healthy sales. But if you’re like many other small business owners, you don’t have the resources to hire an entire in-house marketing department. So, what do you do?

Fortunately, you can outsource your marketing tasks and projects to professionals, bring on a couple of full-time employees, or mix these two approaches. By building a flexible team, you can better focus your investments while boosting your brand’s promotional efforts. Below, BosonHub Digital Development shares some tips to help you successfully navigate the process!

Confirming the Right Approach

First of all, you want to figure out the best approach for bringing in outside professionals. When you work with seasoned professionals, you will know that you have all of the necessary expertise, tools, and tactics at your disposal for boosting your marketing efforts. But you also must understand what tasks and projects you need help with.

Moreover, it’s essential to know the difference between freelancers and full-time employees. With freelancers, you will get top-notch knowledge and skills in each specialty, and you can pay them by the project or hour. On the other hand, full-time employees will require you to pay a salary and provide benefits; but you will always have your employees available at a moment’s notice.

Obviously, reducing costs is crucial for any business. Luckily, you can save money on advertising by posting promotional images via social media platforms. Also, to avoid spending a bundle on graphic design, just create your own promotional image using company logo design templates free-of-charge.

Another option is to hire a marketing agency to provide a full scope of marketing solutions for your company. While you can plan to pay a premium for these services, working through a single agency can simplify your operations and help ensure your marketing efforts are cohesive.

If you already have in-house marketing staff and just need additional help on specific tasks or projects, hiring freelancers could be the best path forward. That way, you can still accomplish your goals without having too many cooks in the kitchen.

Going for Grants    

If the idea of paying for freelancers or employees is stressing you out, consider the funding options available to you. While plenty of small business loans can help you progress toward your goals, begin with looking at grants that you don’t have to pay back.

Finding Professionals    

As with finding any worker, your first step should be to check with your professional network to see if anyone recommends specific marketing professionals who can benefit your business. If you don’t have luck with that strategy, look to online job boards to connect with qualified candidates.

Some platforms specialize in part-time, full-time, and freelance job seekers; you can even choose a job board that caters to a specific niche (e.g., writing, design, SEO, etc.). If you hire a freelancer and end up loving their work, you may be able to convert them into a full-time employee later on.

Making It Fit

As you begin to add to your staff, you will want to use all the tools and strategies at your disposal to facilitate clear and effective communication and collaboration. You should be able to help full-time employees transition smoothly enough on-site.

When working with freelancers, you need to use team collaboration apps, project management software, and consistent communication protocols to keep everyone on the same page.


Every type of business centers around sales, and you cannot have good sales without effective marketing. Consider the advice above as you get a plan together that works for your team.

Determine what types of marketing professionals you need, look to your professional network and job boards to find excellent candidates, and keep everyone connected through tools and protocols. Before long, you’ll have solid marketing in place and yielding the benefits!

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