How To Create Viral Content That Drives Crazy Traffic on Social Media

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Have you ever thought about how people land on your social media pages? What factors affect the traffic? Does creating a specific type of content help in driving traffic? We have put together this write-up to help you decipher the answers to such queries. A perusal of this article will give you a crystal-clear idea about creating viral content that drives crazy traffic on your social media.

According to a report, more than 4.7 billion people use social media globally. That’s a humongous client base and a great opportunity for any business. Isn’t it? But merely creating your company profile or page on social media is not sufficient. It won’t bring traffic automatically or increase your sales.

You will have to focus more on your content to generate traffic to your social media account.

From the list of strategies below, you can easily choose the ones that fit your business and drive crazy traffic on your social media. But before we move on, let us understand what creating viral content means.

Viral Content

The production of material that goes viral is the ultimate objective of content makers and live streamers located all over the globe. To accomplish the task, you need to have a solid grasp of viral content marketing and the fundamentals that underpin its success.

The majority of viral videos adhere to a few general conventions. People are encouraged to tune in, double-tap the post, and share it on their feed when these basics are met. Even though it’s impossible to know if a piece of content will go viral, you should keep a few things in mind.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that content that goes viral is the result of following a universal secret formula that contains ephemeral elements. Every piece of material that achieves viral status does so due to a unique confluence of elements. If that fact is overlooked, subsequent efforts to reverse-engineer viral content may be unsuccessful or even tragically counterproductive.

Strategies to Create Viral Content That Drives Crazy Traffic on Social Media

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#1. Comprehensive Research

Your research will set your content apart from others, so it must be as comprehensive as possible. You need to find out what your audience likes or dislikes.

Where do they typically visit? What kinds of material do they like, share the most, and have the greatest interaction with? You can use exit intent technology as it offers great insight into user mindset through their mouse movements on the website. Your research will help you decide where to begin your campaign and which media to use.

Last but not least, previous research instances of viral content produced by your competition. Determine what aspects of the material contributed to its overwhelming popularity through various surveys, then work on producing something even more compelling.

#2. Make Meaningful Content

You shouldn’t be concerned if your company’s target demographic isn’t interested in divisive ideas, saccharine tales, or humorous videos. There is more than one kind of material that has the potential to become viral.

If a post on life hacks genuinely provides knowledge that will impact how people behave, it has a good chance of being virally popular. When readers find anything helpful, they want to pass it on to others. Use custom software for insights into your content to better understand what your customers prefer.

A tool, an infographic, or even an original study may all be examples of helpful material. These kinds of materials are more likely to become “industry viral” than to get viral all around the world. Because of this, producing content that is valuable to everyone may be challenging when you also need to consider how well it fits your brand and thereby boosting productivity from your content.

However, recognition inside an industry may be just as strong for establishing authority and raising brand awareness as recognition among the broader public. Tools like NPS software help measure customer loyality and increase customer engagement.

#3. Make Smart Use of Visuals

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Visuals are essential for a successful viral marketing plan. If you have done your research properly, you will understand that every strong brand adroitly uses visuals in its marketing strategies.

Which is more likely to be shared on social media: a lengthy piece with no breaks in the text or a picture with a clever caption? Use video editors to make your visual content more appealing.

The odds are high that you will be the one to share the photograph first unless you are working with a very specific demographic of people.


Simply put, consuming visual material is easy, and video marketing also increases the conversion rate. It is enjoyable. In the end, you want to enlighten your audience and amuse them, so strike a balance between the two.

#4. Focus on Creating a Promotion Plan

Starting an online business does not guarantee success; similarly, creating content will not guarantee success. Sure, occasionally, stuff gets viral by mistake.

However, there is no assurance that this will ever occur with the material associated with your business. Because of this, you need a sound strategy for advertising your content and spreading it far and wide. To help you design your approach, you can use a task management software and follow these simple steps:

Start with your goals

First, recall the content target you set for yourself. You could aim to get more than 800,000 people to see your video, increase your brand’s internet exposure, or promote a product that could be selling better. Bring your focus back to the end objective, and formulate your strategy based on that.

Locate your audience

The next step is to respond to the following question: where is your audience? For instance, it’s possible that your audience enjoys sharing videos on Instagram and YouTube or that they gravitate toward reading hard-hitting news articles. Pay attention to the platforms on which your audience will most likely discover the material you provide and share it there.

You may also try content localization, which converts content created for your core market to your new target market. Localization of content may make or ruin a company’s growth in a new location. Localized content is critical to how overseas buyers see your brand.

Create a financial plan

After that, think about your financial plan. Do you have the financial means to run a paid Instagram or TikTok advertising campaign, or do you plan to depend on organic shares?

It should be made clear that you are not required to undertake sponsored advertising efforts. After all, you need more assurance to avoid becoming viral. On the other hand, if you are operating in a very competitive field, you could discover that running one or more sponsored campaigns assists you in standing out from the crowd.


Determine the total amount of time that should be spent on your campaign and use marketing automation for your campaign. Will it just run for a few weeks, or are you planning to run a campaign that lasts for three months? In case you were wondering, there is no correct response. It really depends on the exact goals you have in mind.

#5. Use Humor

We have finally arrived at the pinnacle of viral content: comedy. Because it relies on several factors coming together simultaneously, this kind of viral content is among the most challenging for marketers to implement successfully. Additionally, the company’s brand should be confident and willing to take risks.

The problem is made much worse because information intended to be hilarious is often presented in its most basic and lo-fi form. People discover the comedic potential in various circumstances, which puts businesses in a precarious position when attempting to project a polished and professional image.

#6. Keep track of Your Success

You’ve finally gotten around to launching your social media campaign and are hoping to achieve viral popularity. How do you keep track of your progress to determine whether or not you have achieved your objective?

How can you tell how well you are doing? By measuring it. You may accomplish this goal with a few different software applications, such as Google Analytics, content marketing tools, data analytics, and social media analytics. Everything hinges on the location from where you manage your campaign and the kind of system with which you feel the most at ease.

Which measures should you be keeping an eye on? It all depends on the campaign you’re doing. However, you should keep track of the number of times people share your material on social media and which platforms see the greatest activity from people sharing your content.

#7. Keep the Ball Rolling

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Remember, you can’t rest on your laurels even if you do one viral campaign. Every leadership training program stresses inspiring, engaging, and driving success. Therefore, you should concentrate on making your subsequent campaign equally successful as the last one.

First things first, analyze your successful campaign. Conduct research into what was successful and use the findings to guide the development of future content streams. To do this, you may use the measurements you worked out before.

Next, give some thought to the history of your brand. How can you generate more content that has the potential to go viral and reinforce the brand message that your first campaign communicated?

The audience places a great value on consistency since it gives the impression that a brand is more genuine; hence, you should constantly play to your strengths and emphasize your key beliefs. Another great way to help yourself with content management is to use CRM or customer relationship management systems, which can significantly improve your content production over manual processes by providing perfect feedback from the individuals around you, which then helps to produce a great content strategy.

Final Thoughts

Creating viral content does not have a single secret receipt. It is more about using the best technique and strategies that fit your business. Use the strategies mentioned above or the ones that are just best for you and start creating the content that would be the next sensation on social media. Another fantastic choice is to connect with a business coach who can function as a catalyst for creating and carrying out action plans. They could also promote connection, responsibility, real results, and business success.

Finally, rather than sitting about and waiting for virality to occur, you should focus on cultivating connections and initiating them yourself. It is crucial to keep track of your finances after your marketing methods begin to bring in money. Use free printable invoices to quickly and easily use invoices while keeping track of all your spending in one place, or design straightforward, simple-to-understand invoices.