Even though social media platforms are taking the digital world by storm, email communication remains one of the most effective and sought-out marketing strategies. Email marketing is an age-old tactic that still helps businesses get a much higher ROI than any other strategy.

However, email marketing can be a hit or miss depending on its execution. If implemented correctly, it can offer a significantly profitable return on investment and increase the conversion rate. It can be a complete waste of time and money when used ineffectually.

Email marketing has proven to generate a profit of up to $40 for every dollar spent, making it a valuable marketing asset to businesses of all sizes. Regardless of this statistic, it doesn’t mean that every campaign will generate high-performing results. In fact, it may not even come close if you don’t have a proper strategy in place.

If you’re struggling to generate qualified leads and convert prospects into customers, your email campaigns probably need some alteration.

Following these five tips can help you increase your email CTR (click-through rate) and reach your conversion goal quickly.

1. Segment The Email List

Segmenting the email list means categorizing and narrowing down all the subscribers according to their purchase history, interest, browsing activity, demographics, and interaction with the company.

Instead of creating one message for all, segmenting allows your email marketing to cater to specific needs and expectations of different subscribers based on category.

This can help your business create a more tailored message for each group of subscribers. As a result, your business will deliver relevancy and quality, which can significantly help retain customers.

2. Set Up Automated Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated emails sent to customers after reaching a specific touchpoint in their interaction journey. These campaigns contain time-based emails sent out in a particular period.

Automated drip campaigns are emails designed to reach out to the customer with a targeted message at the right time. For instance, if someone has added a product to their cart and forgot to proceed further, a business can leverage this touchpoint by sending out an educational drip campaign to the customer.

Relevant emails sent through automated drip campaigns have driven 18 times more revenue than standard emails. These emails can be personalized with the customer’s data, such as; their name, interest, and browsing history.

Here are a few ways to execute drip campaigns into an email:

Education Drips

This email contains information regarding products and services which the brand offers. The purpose of educational drips is to provide the audience with relevant and easy-to-digest information so they don’t have to visit the website.

Promotional Drips

This email consists of discounts, sales, offers, voucher codes, and loyalty memberships for the customers to avail. It provides the audience with a motive to engage with the brand.

Competitive Drips

There is comprehensive comparison between a brand’s and its competitor’s product in this email type. This aim is to showcase a detailed report of why the customers should prefer your product over others.

3. Craft A Compelling Subject Line

Believe it or not, the key to getting an increased conversion rate through emails begins with a subject line. When sending an email, the priority of a brand should be to encourage the receiver to open the email. Thus, it’s important to ensure the first medium of interaction in your email (subject line) should be relevant and eye-catching enough for them to open the message.

Focusing on creating an interactive subject line is a proven first step to improving conversion rates. The key to crafting a compelling subject line is to keep it short. Writing one for about 35-40 characters should do the work.

4. Instill A Sense Of Urgency

When customers feel a sense of urgency in emails, posts, etc., they’re more likely to make quick decisions. It’s not a marketing approach but rather basic human psychology.

Urgent and quick situations force the human brain to make decisions more quickly without second-guessing.

Adding a time limit or any stock aspect that promotes urgency can help the brand drastically increase its conversion rate and meet sales goals quickly. For example: “70% off on the entire stock” or “30% off clearance sale”. Emails with such offers are more likely to get a higher conversion rate.


No matter how much social media gains popularity in the digital industry, email marketing will always remain the Holy Grail for most marketers.

Multiple factors play an essential role in augmenting the conversion rate of email marketing. Choosing a service provider for optimizing your email marketing efforts can help you keep up with the ever-changing customer demands.