Waiting around for a website to load is never any fun. Often will this discourage customers from visiting your website and purchasing your item or service. Yes, sometimes Internet speeds can drastically make your website load very slowly, however Internet speeds are not the only thing keeping your website from loading quickly. How you make your website can cause your site to either load fast or slow. To avoid this, here are some tips to make your website load faster.

Websites Load Faster with Optimized Images

This is a mistake that many first-timers will make, and it is absolutely understandable. Bigger image size means better quality, right? –Not exactly. High quality photos can still be achieved without making the picture overly large. Oversized pictures can take up so much from your website loading time because of the information that has to load. Reducing the size of an image can drastically increase the loading speed of your website, without sacrificing quality. Also, there is a Word Press Plugin called WP Smush – Image Optimization, which will automatically compress image while preserving quality. Optimizing images will surely help in making your website load faster.

Use Word Press Plugins Sparingly

Plugins are great, but if you can sacrifice one that is unnecessary, then sacrifice it. This is because unneeded Word Press plugins will create extra files that will slow down your website. Plugins can make your website super fast and powerful, but unnecessary, outdated ones will only slow it down. Thus, make sure to review plugins that you do not use as deleting them makes your website load faster. Also, updating old plugins can make your website more efficient.

Simplify Your Landing Page

Your landing page should not be your whole website, rather, it should be a perfect glance of the entirety of your website. For example, if you sell many types of products, then have your best one on your landing site and the rest in a separate page. Simplifying text and fonts will also help your website load faster. Another website killer are unnecessary, high quality images on your landing page. Yes, it looks nice, but it will slow down your website’s loading time. Include previews of your blog, instead of one whole post on there. Remember to make your landing page a glimpse, not the website itself.

Use a Caching Word Press Plugin

Caching your website will store static files so that users can access your website faster, rather than having to fetch the file for every request. There are caching plugins that will make your Word Press Website load faster such as W3 Total Cache and Super Cache. Doing so will make your website load faster with caching so that users will not have to retrieve files with every request.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Will Save you Time

Last, but not least are Content Delivery Networks, which take static files and sends them to servers that are closer to the user’s physical location. CDN’s help users from anywhere in the world to quickly access your website. This will make your website load much faster than other websites that do not use CDNs. Implementing a CDN on your website will give you the advantage of being local, while reaching out to the world.

These tips will make any website faster than they were without it. It is important to make your website as professional as possible, and one way to make it more professional is faster loading speed. Make your website load faster in order to get more customers while delivering a smooth and enjoyable visit to your company’s site. When you host with Boson Hub, out expert designers will make your website perform like no other, while masterfully creating elegant pages. Our designers use technologies like these to make sure that your website is never falling behind.