You can say that HTML5 is the future of video streaming. The days of Flash Videos are coming to an end, and there are many reasons as to why Flash Video is becoming less convenient. For a very long time, Flash Video was the only reliable way to upload high quality video and audio to a website with the ability for playback. In 2014, an alternative was made available called HTML5. This video streaming service offers the same playback quality as Flash, but breaks barriers that Flash cannot. This blog post highlights why HTML5 outcompetes Flash Video.

HTML5 Plays Where Flash Cannot

Flash Video cannot play videos on every device that is being made available such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Flash Video has no support on iOS devices. That means that you cannot play that video on that website that uses Flash Video on your convenient iPad. Not so convenient, is it? So why not just use a laptop or an alternative device? Well, to be able to play a Flash Video, you need a Flash player, which is exhaustingly updated to be able to play the content. As for its competitor, you can watch videos on any device including iOS devices, which make it extra convenient for you.

HTML5 is Smoother and More Battery Efficient

In addition to HTML5’s accessibility, it is also equipped with better playback and better battery consumption. In a recent experiment testing the current drawn using HTML5 versus the current drawn using Flash, it showed that Flash draws 15% more in laptops and 12% more in tablets. This will quickly deplete your battery compared to HTML5, which means a lot for the person on the go. Also, in the same experiment, it was seen that Flash Videos skip more frames than HTML5 does.

HTML5 is Free!

That’s right, creating HTML5 content is free and has a lot of improved technology than Flash. In contrast, to develop Flash videos, you need to buy the software. Not only is it free, but it is often also the best decision as it is engineered for the future. It also allows you to make content that is more accessible by your viewers and it is faster and efficient than Flash videos.

This revolutionary video streaming service outcompetes Flash and it also attracts more clients to your website. Why? Mainly because it is more accessible for them, especially when they are viewing your video on their iPhone or iPad. However, there are times when your website already has Flash Video content. If this happens, you can do a website makeover and host with Boson Hub, where we can convert your Flash Video to HTML5. Contact us today!