Ever thought of including a search engine within your own website? Probably not, but a search engine can be very helpful and attractive for customers visiting your website. This is especially a useful tool for ecommerce and websites with a lot of information. Here are some reasons, tips, and recommended plugins for Word Press that will empower your website with a search engine.

Having a Search Engine Makes Navigation Easier

When your website has a search engine, it makes navigating your website a whole lot easier. This panders towards users who visit your website with an intent on finding something they want. Whether that may be a product or a service, a search engine lets users search your website through all its information that can be hard to locate on your website. You can also reap the benefit of leaving outdated products out of the spotlight, but still there. Your website can focus on newer products or updates to your company because a simple search can direct users to hard-to-find content. This tool is especially helpful in ecommerce sites.

An Essential for Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce is a huge industry that newer companies are also starting to use for their business. Large ecommerce driven companies such as Amazon and eBay rely greatly on their powerful search engine. This tool lets customer find what they want and exactly what they want without all the unnecessary information. Having a search engine will also boost your economic growth because online shoppers tend to use searches to buys something on an ecommerce website. If you have an ecommerce business, then make sure to incorporate a search engine.

Visitors Expect An Onboard Site Search

Every visitor needs something to fall back on when they are looking through your website, that is often a search engine. It is a tool that visitors expect to see on your website because it helps them go through your website if they ever get lost. When they know exactly what they are looking for, but they have no idea where it is, they will search for it. Everyone has run into that problem, where we look for something we cannot find because of the absence of a search engine.

A Search Engine Allows for Better Analytics

Probably one of the best benefits that a business can reap from a search bar is its ability to record what users want. This will greatly benefit your analytics because it will show you data of what type of person uses this tool and what they are looking for. Finding a correlation between what most visitors are searching for can be used to your advantage. For example, many people are searching rampantly for a special product and you see this on your analytics. You can then take that information and feature that product on your website so that it is the first thing anyone sees. A search engine will open up possibilities for your website because of keywords that surface in your analytics.

Search Engine Plugins for WordPress Websites

Search engines are great, but is there a plugin for WordPress websites that will quickly enable your website with a search bar? –Of course there is! Swiftype is a plugin for WordPress websites that replaces the default WordPress search with something more powerful. Swiftype allows users to find material on your website with just a simple search. In return, this search engine gives you data on what your users are looking for. You can use this data to construct a better website that caters to what your users want.

A search engine is an essential for all successful websites. Whether your business is in ecommerce or not, a search bar is a tool that will improve your website. It benefits both you and the user. It is a tool that visitors can use to locate something, meanwhile giving you data so that you can optimize your website for user needs. With Boson Hub’s professional website developers, we can make your website just as powerful. When you host with us, we will make sure that your website is the way you want it, even the details that may look small but are not. Not sure if you still need a search engine for your website? Then, contact us for information and advice.