Apple announced several new products this week at their Fall 2015 Keynote address. They showed off their new phones, new tablet, more power devices, and even a sweet Apple Pencil. With all of these products that are constantly on the edge of updates and change, it reminds us that our webpages need to be adaptable and responsive to new technologies.

There are several reports (here, here, and here) that tell us that now, more than ever, how extremely important to make sure that your webpage has a seamless, mobile-enabled, optimized layout for an ideal user experience.

Most agree that more than 50% of all web traffic is now done through mobile devices (think tables and smartphones.) It is vital that users can complete their entire experience on your webpage, including purchasing products, connecting to your brick-and-mortar store with Google Apps, signing up for newsletters, connecting with social media, etc. without having to use a desktop or laptop. Your security, graphics, media, SEO, PPC, and ads need to be optimized for the mobile-experience.

Boson not only has experience building mobile webpages, but creating entire marketing strategies based for the modern brand that includes a full mobile-enabled experience. All our products are responsive – meaning the page automatically is sized to fit on whatever device connects to it.

If your page hasn’t been updated in a few years, it is likely that it’s not fully optimized for the mobile experience. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and start the journey of furthering your brand reach and message in the mobile world.