It’s time to get your e-commerce website ready for the busy shopping season. From Google Adwords to the many social media channels, it’s hard to pinpoint the best platform to start with. One thing is for sure, if you neglect one platform you may miss out on some important website traffic. We did some research for you. We’ll highlight 5 interesting articles that we believe may help you in optimizing your website.

SEO For Shops: The 12 Tips of Xmas

Columnist Mark Miller goes back over the basics and emphasizes why it’s more important now than ever. From correct product descriptions to updating store hours, shoppers have access to so much information now. Any type of inconvenience whether it’s missing a product image or a hard-to-use navigation menu, shoppers can be immediately deterred from spending more time on your website.

Here Are 9 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week: Facebook lurkers and wearables users are increasing

Yes, this is a list within a list. The digital marketing landscape is changing on Facebook. Consumers are using Facebook differently and Christopher Heine showcases the studies and findings that may change the way you curate your content.

How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Are you a visual learner? Well we have this great infographic for you. Curating content and receiving engagement is great and all but how do you interpret all of that data? How do you even create a report for yourself that can best showcase your digital marketing successes (or failures) to all of your stakeholders? Heck, how do you even know what products are getting the most traffic? There are many tools out there available to do this but lets start with this article.

Search Engine Marketing

Are you trying to showcase some new products this season and are using Google Adwords for the first time? Here is a great article that summarizes search engine marketing in general. This article gives you best practices in setting up your ad groups and how ad auctions work.

4 Steps to Prep Your Search Engine Marketing for the Holidays

Here is another list inside of our list. This great article by Barney Garcia highlights what we’ve been saying all along and that is research your demographic, plan your search engine marketing strategy, and then execute. Mr. Garcia just makes it sound better.

No matter what strategy you decide to take, optimizing your website can prevent you from missing out on all of those online shoppers. Have questions or comments? We would love to hear them below.