On a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of having a mobile website. Since then, it has become even more crucial to have either a mobile website (to accompany your existing one) or a responsive website. New statistics and Internet trends reveal why having a mobile site in 2016 is an essential tool for a company’s success. In one year, mobile users have grown tremendously, and moving forward, mobile websites will most likely replace older websites. Here are a few statistics that VPN Mentor has kindly let us use:

Mobile Users Have Grown in the Last Year


Mobile users have grown by 141 million people in just one year, which yields more possible customers with a mobile website. In the upcoming few years, this industry will change so drastically that companies without a mobile website will struggle in succeeding against other giant, internet-based companies. Adapting to this change early can establish a web foundation for your company and prepare you for the new generation of Internet surfing.

Smartphones are Becoming More Prevalent


With smartphones penetrating more markets across the world, it makes more sense to invest in a mobile website in order to cater to this niche of users. In 2016, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore ranked the highest in smartphone penetration, with UAE being 91% penetration. This shows how the most successful smartphone markets are moving from the USA to a more global scale. The more mobile users there are around the world means that there is more mobile web traffic. Hence, a responsive website will be more easily discovered by customers around the world.

Mobile Traffic has Also Grown


In the first quarter of 2016, the global average of Internet traffic being mobile was at 39%. It is predicted that by 2020, 35% of all Internet users will be utilizing a tablet. That greatly reduces the need for a desktop version of a website and increases the need for mobile websites and apps. As the mobile trend is catching up with laptops and desktops, investing time and money to build a mobile website is well worth it.

With the constant rising of mobile devices, being equipped with a mobile website is a very important tool for companies. In the near future, company’s equipped with mobile sites will most likely be more successful than without one. Boson Hub offers a wide range of responsive websites. When you host with us, we will tailor your website to your needs, while making it responsive. Having a mobile website is just as important to us as it is to you.