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In most places in the USA and around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be coming to a close. While we don’t know 100% when the pandemic will officially end, we do know that its days are numbered. But, some things have changed forever. Today, more and more businesses are choosing to operate from home and rely on a digital platform to get work done. While this is much more cost-conscious, there are a few challenges that you may need to overcome to keep yourself, your family, and your clients safe.

Many large businesses are taking a good look at their in-person work vs. work-from-home policies for their employees. As a small business owner, there are many who have decided to save on the office rent, and work from home permanently. Today on the BosonHub blog, we share practical advice on how to make your home-based business a continued success without sacrificing safety or productivity.

Safe, Sound, And Secluded

While many are already comfortable with working from home away from others, it’s important to keep safety in mind from your home office as well. There are some really easy suggestions one can do, such as, you’ll want to make a point to put your office in a location with windows so that you can let the fresh air wash away any airborne viruses. Further, you should have a projector or second screen so that you can share a visual work surface with your clients without having to sit right on top of each other. Importantly, you could also look for other ways to continue minimize contact. Ideas here include:

  • Invoice online. Look for a premade template with design flexibility. Your invoice should have your name and company logo along with other important details, such as your address and a price breakdown. These can be emailed or texted instead of handed directly to the customer.
  • Use Zoom and other collaboration tools. Zoom is an excellent platform that you can use to host a face-to-face meeting without being in the same physical location. You can also sign up for Google Docs and many other online services that let you collaborate and communicate with your customers and employees in real-time, no matter where you each may be.

Legal Issues

While it’s perfectly legal to start your own business, there are a few things you should know and do before you launch from your home address.

  • Confirm local laws. Anybody can run a business from home, but you might be breaking the law if you engage in certain activities. According to LegalZoom, zoning laws regulate everything from waste management and noise. If your business requires people to be on-site or heavy equipment, you may have to get a special permit or move to a commercial zone. However, most businesses can peacefully run from home without issue.

Form your business structure. Even if you are the sole owner of your company, it can pay to have a legal structure set up in the early days. One of the smartest choices is an LLC, which Next Insurance explains separates you and your personal finances from your business.

Home Bound

Because you’re working from home, you’re going to have to make some changes to your house. Chances are, you will add a home office or renovate an unused space so that you will have an area to work. Before you get started:

  • Keep up with upgrades. Home offices are in high demand these days, and adding one could boost your home’s value If you’re considering moving later down the road, make a point to keep track of all the upgrades you make so that your realtor can advertise a home office and justify a higher selling price than the neighbors.
  • Maintain a clear separation. Great, you no longer have a commute. Unfortunately, what you do have is the pressure to work longer hours than you were before. Give yourself the gift of separation, by ensuring that you set clear limits with work and home. In other words, be present at each when the time is right so that you don’t sacrifice either in the long run.

Starting a home business is a great experience, especially if you’re concerned about a potentially shaky economy. Being a solo entrepreneur lets you control your finances, and you can work from the comfort of home. But, there are things you have to keep in mind when it’s time to navigate the post-pandemic world.

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