5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a Mobile-Friendly website means everything to the modern day citizen because of how convenient it is for them to interact with responsive websites. Investing in updating your website to pander to their favors benefits you as well. Google favors Mobile-Friendly websites, thus creating responsive websites is beneficial to gaining traffic. A responsive style website simply means more traffic for your website and company, and Boson Hub can provide just that. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have a Mobile-Friendly Website.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical for SEO

Recent trends show that having a Mobile site is extremely important in SEO. It increases your chances at traffic as one of the major search engine companies, Google, tends to favor websites with mobile support. Integrating a Mobile website is important in boosting your SEO as Google will more likely favor your website. It also gives you the advantage to advertise on other mobile friendly websites.

Everyone Uses a Mobile Device Everywhere

In 2017, it is suggested that more than 63.4% of mobile phone users will be using their phones to access the Internet. Having a Mobile responsive website will create opportunities for you to access this population. Even those with phones use them to search the web at home, where desktops and laptops are likely present. In fact, 77% of mobile searches occur at homes or at work. Investing in a responsive website can be a game changer for your company. As more and more people begin to solely depend on their mobile devices, companies without a mobile website begin to lose more and more.

Web Traffic is Mostly Mobile

People have begun to switch from using laptops and desktops to using mobile devices to access the Internet. With more than 6.2 EB or 6.2 quintillion bytes being accessed monthly in 2016, it is a no brainer that getting a Mobile-Friendly extension for your website is beneficial. To simply put it, most web traffic is now coming from that tiny screen in your pocket. Non Mobile-Friendly websites get frustrated feedback because it is difficult to navigate. Mobile-Friendly websites gets you more traffic and it will not frustrate customers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Make Your Company More Professional

When people do not have to constantly resize their screen to fit your website, they begin to think that you are a very professional company. Most leading Mobile-Friendly websites are extremely professional profiles such as Apple, Google, and YouTube. Having a Mobile-Friendly website makes you look very professional. Customers will simply fall in love with how easy it is to navigate your website. After all, your company’s reputation is what determines if you will sink or swim.

Social Media Referrals are on Mobile Devices

Social Media Referrals are predominantly on mobile devices. Leading Social Media companies are another way that you can get clients. These types of “referrals” are usually made on mobile devices because users find it to be convenient. With 500 million tweets sent out daily, it benefits your company to have a Mobile-Friendly website to get those Social Media “referrals”.

Having a Mobile-Friendly website is clearly the way to go, if you want even more traffic and more clients. These are several of the many reasons as to why you need a Mobile-Friendly website. When you host with Boson Hub, we can easily make your website responsive so that it is Mobile-Friendly. With ease, you will access those 6.2 quintillion bits of data being used each month!