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BosonHub helps our clients establish trust and build brand recognition online. Through proven strategies utilizing both on-site optimizations and off-site content creation, we work to increase search engine visibility and rankings, and convert webpage visitors into prospective, quality leads.

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We work with businesses small and large – tailoring each SEO package to meet the needs of each client. SEO strategies grow rankings and traffic slower than PPC (using Google Ads, for example) – but have the benefit of longer-term gains and results. Some of our clients run both SEO campaigns and Google Ads together.

Our SEO Approach:

On-Site Analysis

If your company already has a webpage, we analyze on-site SEO factors such as your metadata, alt tags, keyword density, technical load time, and mobile optimization. If your company does not yet have a page or is looking for a redesign, we can help! If Google tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console are not already installed, we make sure these are accurately tracking webpage visitors and engagement.

Local Listings and Directories

Consistency is essential for brand recognition, both in terms of quality user experience as well as search engine rankings and results (SERP). We work with you and your team to ensure company details, such as your address, hours of operations, and product/services offerings, are consistent across the web. This is key for building a trusted, recognized brand.

Content Creation and Backlinks

Quality content is a massive driver of ranking – both on your site and posts off your site. Depending on your package, we create keyword-dense articles, infographics, and posts, to drive interested prospective customers to you. Within six months of working together, we regularly see keywords enter the first page of Google, that were previously not indexed at all!

Iteration and Improvement

Utilizing metrics tracking through Google Analytics (and other tools), we create a report twice per month analyzing what is working and what needs to be improved. As our client companies grow, we may recommend automated marketing tools to help cut down on busy work. Other examples include advising on page user experience and increased customer conversion.

Not sure where to start?

Local SEO Packages:

Backlinks and Content-Driven Packages:

In addition to on-page SEO factors, companies looking to grow into new geolocations or move into a nationwide presence should consider a content-drive strategy. The team at BosonHub creates articles, infographics, and short videos that are posted on 80+ trusted directories and informational pages across the web. Associating specific keywords with your brand name and domain name helps build brand recognition and authority over keywords in use. Each of these plans is custom-made for our clients based on available budget and individual goals.

SEO Audit

While we always offer a free 30 minute consultation for all new clients, you may be looking for a more in-depth checkup of your digital web presence, we offer a one-time SEO audit. We spend 5-7 hours investigating your company’s overall presence on social media sites and directory listings, performing a technical and on-site performance review, and analyzing your content. A version of this service is included in our SEO packages on a quarterly basis. Click on the link below to see a sample of what our Audit includes:

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What Our Customers Say:

“Stephen’s services are worth every penny, he is incredibly knowledgeable, and equally as dedicated to providing a very customized experience by attentively listening to your needs and honestly offering the best way to help you. I highly recommend his services to ANYONE interested in optimizing their website to the next level and get more visits, leads, and business.”

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