Even though we are not an IT company, many of our clients have asked us if they should upgrade their computers to Windows 10. We work with a diverse client-base that uses all 3 of the major operating systems (Linux, MacOS and Windows), but Windows still is what we see most.

Should your business or home computer be upgraded to Windows 10? We say: Wait. 

Like most new products (software, cars, inventions, etc.) the first iteration after beta testing can still have some bugs to work out. Many of our clients (and some of ours friends) have said the new Windows 10 interface is quite nice, and the experience is slick, but there is a common complaint of graphics cards/drivers not functioning to their full potential. If you work in graphic design, or like playing computer games, this can be very frustrating.

We recommend waiting until Service Pack 1 comes out, or for a few months of updates before upgrading your computer or your business systems if you use Windows. And while you consider this, look at Microsoft Office 365 business subscriptions as well. This can be a big money saver if you have multiple installs for Microsoft Office.

If your small business doesn’t currently use any sort of productivity software (such as Microsoft Office or Open Office), BosonHub can help your organization get setup with Google Apps. We recommend this tool for small businesses because collaboration and file sharing are very easy on this system, and their email is in the familiar Gmail environment. This is also the easiest way to setup your organization or business with a personalized email address from your own personal domain.

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