It can be tough for a small business to make a dent in the world of digital marketing but you can still find avenues to connect with your main demographic. There are many strategies that you can adopt to make this endeavor cost-efficient, authentic, and profitable. We’re here to bring to light some articles that will help your brand shine above the rest.

Be Authentic

The voice, behavior, and impressions that people see online can make them envision your company as an actual person. Here is a great article by James Toble where he not only dives deep into the big question, what does Authenticity mean for a company. He not only defines it but he talks about some of the best ways of how you can be authentic in the digital marketing world.

Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your Business

Choose a Platform That’s Easy on the Wallet

Digital marketing can be an arduous task for a small business owner. With the many digital marketing platforms, it wouldn’t make sense for a small business to spend a limited amount of resources to a big time intensive task. There’s also the whole separate task of allocating funds to support a pay-per-click tool on a platform such as Google AdWords. Here is a great infographic from David Mihm over at Moz where he outlines the resources required to implement a specific platform.

Which Digital Marketing Options Best Fit Your Business

Research Your Demographic

Not all of your posts has to be related to sales. Why would anybody follow your social media channel just to hear what new product you just got in. Most people use social media to have a casual conversation with you. That means you should talk about your interests such as hiking, the outdoors, or surfing. You might post a favorite recipe that you found that matches your 22-30 age group consisting of mostly females. Posting items that resonate with your customer can make or break the exposure your brand gets. Here is an article outlining the ways you can find your target market. This article which is written by Tommy Walker gets down to the very basic of general demographic research and helps you channel that into an effective post.

Guaranteed Success: How to Find Your Target Market So Content Sticks

Pictures, Pictures Pictures

You would be surprised the impact one picture can have on the amount of exposure in such a short time. Even if you wanted to post a funny picture that may match what you think your consumers may be into, the increase in likes and followers are more effective posts than a post consisting of mainly text. In this article by Daniel Lemin, he talks about how to position your camera to catch the best picture.

Photography for Social Media: 5 Detailed Tips

Be Patient

A lot of small business owners go into a digital marketing campaign expecting immediate results. Unfortunately digital marketing doesn’t work that way. It takes a lot of effort into gaining new likes or followers. Why should you still invest in this endeavor? Every platform has a different sweet spot. For example some brands may just need to get 500 followers before they consistently gain new organic followers every week. The same goes for Twitter or Pinterest. Here is an article by Annastasia Webster where she briefly talks about the amount of effort it takes to run a social media marketing campaign and the rewards associated with it.

Update 2019 link:

Social Media Marketing Rewards Time & Patience

If you’re a small business owner, expect to be invested in digital marketing for the long haul. Marketing on the web effectively can reap huge rewards if done right. Digital marketing is one of those endeavors where there will be a lot of trial and error. The key is being patient and learning as much as you can. There are many resources out there. Just use Google and search whatever comes to your mind regarding digital marketing. There is really no one right answer to run your digital marketing campaign, so have fun.

Know Your Prospect: Identifying Your Target Audience

Make your dollars and time go as far as possible with focusing on a specific target audience. You might have a primary and secondary target market – the more understanding you are of your end-user, the more effective your design, click campaign, and efforts will be. This article explains further about how to find your target audience, and why this can become a major asset of your company.

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