First of all, what are Social Media Sets anyways? Social Media Sets are the best way for your clients to reach your company’s social profiles through your website in just a click of a button. These are the icons that can be found in a website with the social media’s signature logos, such as Facebook and Twitter. In just January of 2016, more than 2.307 Billion people are active Social Media Users. Thus, Social Media sets are essential in networking and growing your company by ushering in social media influence.

How can They Benefit me?

Social Media Icons is an important web accessory that attracts the social media’s attention to your website. These Social Media Icons are a set of buttons that are easily linked to your company’s social media. This increases the number of people who will share your company’s page, which results in more interest and a growth in clientele. Plus, the use of these icons shows how your company is active on all levels of contribution through keeping social pages updated frequently. Adding these subtle links to your company’s social profiles is extremely beneficial.


Here are the Top 4 Must-Have Social Icon Sets:

4. Twitter

The famous blue bird is indeed on the Top 4 Must-Have Social Icon Sets because of how easy it is to manage a Twitter account while attracting more clients to your company. Having a Twitter Icon Set is a great tool in advertising and spreading your company because of how easy it is to tweet and tag users, like your company.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is another major influence in the Social Media world. Famous for their Boards with pictures filled with various themes, Pinterest is ranked the second best way to go. Adding Pinterest’s Social Media Icon attracts Pinterest users to your page and as they pin about your website, oftentimes, the link is directly to your website!

2. Instagram

Instagram is the home of Social Media Connoisseurs and those talented photographers. Having a Social Media Icon for Instagram increases the number of followers you can possibly attain on Instagram, which boosts your chance to be discovered by other people. Here, you can send photos of your products that will tantalize your customers to go toy our website and check out the full description. Having this Icon allows your company to show the crowd’s pictures of your product without having to be entirely professional.

1. Facebook

If you are going to add at least one of these Social Media Icons, the Social Media Giant Facebook is the number one to include. Millions and millions of users are constantly on Facebook, updating their feed, and looking at interesting pages. Adding Facebook’s social media icon adds a link to your company’s Facebook page as well as allowing another way for customer’s to contact you.

Having Social Media Icon Sets creates new ways for your company to branch out and show the Social Media what you are and what your products are in the click of a button. Boson Hub offers unlimited Social Media Icons that can be easily added toy our website and linked with your company’s Social Media. Here at Boson Hub, we value social outreach and we can add these Icons to your website so you can do the same. Contact us now!