Take Control of your Business Listings (Yelp! Google, Facebook + more)

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Social media audit – I teach a first-year business experience class at Oregon State University where we look at a holistic view of business during each of the terms. One topic we address halfway through the year is an examination of social media presence as an account of our personal branding. Many young people post items on their social media without thinking how it can impact their brand. I have found that many young companies make similar mistakes. What we find with our students is that many do not have the right social media accounts (which is super important!) and others do not pay attention to what they are posting and what is posted about them. Similarly, start-ups sometimes forget about the importance of their social media and what is posted about them.

There is an entire science of choosing which social media platforms are appropriate for business, and many times, your business is listed on platforms for you. I will highlight a few platforms here; make sure and contact us for more information about how to manage your company or personal digital branding.

  1. Google: This is big. About 3/4 of all global internet users use Google, so listing on this search engine is particularly important. SEO is a big business to get higher rankings, which is a topic for a different article. Many times, businesses are already listed on Google Maps – meaning descriptions, hours, phone numbers and reviews are crowd-sourced. If something is incorrect or there is a bad review that needs a response (also, important), you want to be able to modify/respond/change items as soon as possible. In our experience, the process of taking claim of a business is about 2 weeks. That is valuable time wasted if hours are incorrect, there is a wrong phone number listed, or a dissatisfied customer is writing about your poorly about your business name.
  2. Yelp! Second to Google in importance is Yelp!. This service is heavily used to check reviews for service-based businesses of all types, and your business might already be on it. Just as Google allows for easily-found reviews and ratings, Yelp! also has crowd-sourced information about your business. We found that the process of claiming this business (showing you are the owner of the business) does not take as long as a Google listing, but it still takes an effort and includes a wait.
  3. Facebook: The standard of many things on the internet these days, 2 billion people on the planet have an account. With this, it is required to have a page and properly manage your Facebook presence. This is also a great place to easily share company updates, share blog posts, and sell products directly from your page. Make sure you connect your Facebook to your webpage; we usually add an icon in the page footer and/or on the contact page.
  4. Others: There are occasions when customers start groups or pages dedicated to support or hating companies. This is why celebrities, stores, etc., have an “official” page. Make sure and take a look at how your company is shown online for all major platforms.

Managing your company brand is equally as important as managing your personal brand. Make sure that you are in control of how your company is presented. Look to see if your company is already listed on Google Maps, Yelp!, Facebook and/or others. If so, go through the process of taking control of the account. You can use these powerful platforms to drive traffic to your site, convert visitors into customers, and grow your business well.

We have done this many times for our clients. Rather than spending hours trying to figure out how to go through these processes, why not email us and we can walk you through the process! We also own enterprise licenses to many popular plugins that put your social media feed or social listing connected directly on your webpage. This means whenever there is a new post, new review, etc on your social media, it can show up on your website automatically! Work smarter, not harder.

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