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When you are trying to grow your business, marketing is everything. You need to come up with a way to reach your target demographic and find a way to get them hungry to purchase your product. These days, there are many marketing tricks that you can try, but you must not forget the old methods that can still be successful today. So here are some tips from BosonHub on how to mix old and new tactics for maximum efficiency.

Why Old Marketing Methods Work

Although we are in a new age, there are still reasons why employing older marketing methods is a good idea. The biggest reason is that many customers, especially those in the older demographics don’t use the internet as often as their younger counterparts, and so you need a way to reach them. Often, the best way to do that is to send out physical mailers that go right to their front door.

This is basically the same idea as email marketing where you send a quick message that lists your products, the reasons why they should buy, and any sales you have going on. If your demographics span several age groups, then you can combine postcards with email marketing and cover all of your bases.

Bring In New Customers

While you are trying to target your core demographic, you never know what other potential customers you could bring in when you aren’t contacting them directly. A good way to try and bring in new people is with the old practice of putting out large-format signage in buildings and at bus stops that pique the interest of potential clientele.

You can combine this print advertising with new technology by adding tricks like QR codes and hashtags that people young and old can click on or search for online so they can be directed straight to your website or to a specific product where you can feature even more advertisements and spread the message.

In this day and age where everyone is on their cell phone, hashtags can be especially effective.

New Methods Are Great Too

Of course, if most of your demographic is online then you should continue to pursue that marketing opportunity. Online splash ads with catchy slogans almost always do the trick, but it is sometimes easier said than done. When trying to create a slogan, you can think about a play on words involving your logo or you can use humor to make people chuckle. That is a surefire way to make people keep you in their minds.

Another new trend in marketing is the use of video. While it can be a bit more costly to produce, a great video can be very memorable and it can easily be shared with friends and family to make your marketing campaign even more successful. You could also pair that with live streaming, which are continuous videos where customers and company reps can speak long-term for contests and other marketing content.

Even if you own an older company, you will want to be a bit tech-savvy to be as successful as possible. You can hire professional graphic designers to help create the graphics, but you should at least know how to gather the ideas and files that you do have and be able to compress your JPG files so they are easier to email to your designer. In fact, there’s a free online tool that lets you convert JPG to PDF in seconds.

The convenience and opportunities afforded by new technology cannot be overstated. However, as you can see, the old methods still have weight. Thus, there are great benefits to tying old and new marketing methods in order to help your company reach its target audience and thrive in today’s complex economy.

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