When creating a website, people often turn to WordPress to build their website in mind, and for good reason. A very helpful feature that comes with using WordPress to build your website is their themes that you can browse from as your website’s foundation. This will determine how your website will be laid out, and how it will function. Of course, each one can be edited to meet your needs. There are over 10,000 themes that you can choose from, thus, should you still make your own theme?

Benefits of using a WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress theme comes in handy for many reasons. One, is that their themes are excessively tested and fixed to provide a great user experience. That means that your website will less likely glitch and crash. Also, this method allows you to retain customization as you would if you made your own, of course to a limit. For example, you can change the color scheme, widget placement, landing page design, and many more based on what theme you are going to use. Another benefit to take away from using an already made one is that it saves you time and money. Instead of investing in tools and time in building a completely new theme, look for one that can suit your needs, as there are over 10,000 different ones. Just in 2014, there were a total of 123,498,018 theme downloads from Word Press.

Custom Theme = Tailored Fit

Custom themes simply result in a tailored fit for your website in every aspect. This makes your design one of a kind and it allows you to create your website exactly the way you want it to look without compromise. Making a new one on WordPress still allows you to use the Content Management offered by WordPress. A new one caters to the type of website you are aiming for, thus giving it a nice tailored fit. Take for example the quality of a suit bought from the mall versus a suit tailored to you body. This is what a fully customized one offers. A ready-to-use theme will get the job done like a suit from the mall, whereas a newly designed one will give the statement that a tailored suit does.

Making a new theme can be really exciting and may seem like the best way to build your website. While this may take some additional hours to create, it may be worth the investment. If your company has found one that you like, go ahead and contact us first before you purchase. We will price-match any pre-made theme you find, and create a custom-build using Divi. We give you lifetime access to Divi updates and don’t install additional plugins that require re-purchasing every six months like other ones do. BosonHub will make your website as robust and professional as any WordPress theme. So, buy your own theme or we can make one for you, either way, Boson Hub is your place for customization and hosting services.