Having a website does not always guarantee an increase of customers, or does it guarantee that your website will appeal to your clients. With that being said, having a website is not always an asset to your business. Sometimes, it can even turn down customers because of mistakes that are unforeseen. The design of your website can take your business through the roof, but it can also bring your company down, if you do not pay attention to design. Here are a few ways that your website can drive customers away.

Annoying, Misplaced Ads

Have you ever gone to a website and an Ad just appears from nowhere? Well, it can be very annoying for customers. This especially becomes a problem when they are reading something and an Ad appears and blocks their view. This can often drive customers insane because of how hard it is to sometimes exit out of the exit. Simply, breaking their train of thought with an Ad will not go well for your business. If you are going to use Ads, then place them where they will not be in the way of what they are browsing.

Troublesome Navigation

Another thing that possibly drives customers away from your website is the fact that your site can have terrible navigation. Menus that simply do not work will irritate customers and drive them away. Sometimes, they will attempt to make a selection, but the button does not work. This is very frustrating for customers. Avoiding troublesome navigation will certainly improve your site and business. After all, having poor navigation will hamper their ability to view the whole content of your website.

Poorly Written Content

Yes, having flawless navigation is great, but it is no use if your content if your content if poorly written. Very noticeable grammar mistakes, poor marketing word choice, and run-off sentences are mistakes you should steer clear of. It is possible that your company offers a great product, but it will never be of use to you if customers simply cannot read your site’s content. Yes, it is good to optimize your content for SEO purposes, but making your content a high quality and relevant experience for your customers will certainly get you more out of it.

Your Website is Not Responsive

Invest to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive, because this is one of the major mistakes that you can make. Mostly everyone use mobile devices to access the Internet, thus, having a mobile-friendly website will ensure a good experience for your customers. Also, responsive websites make a huge contribution to user-friendliness, as it will eliminate the need to constantly resize your screen. About 91% of small to mid-sized businesses are not mobile-friendly, that puts you ahead of the competition.

Slow Loading Speeds

Another pet peeve of many Internet surfers is a website that has a very slow loading speed. Do not let your site be one of those. Especially now, with super fast internet available to most of the public, it becomes tedious for customers to use a slow site. To avoid problems like these, improve the code behind your site or simplify it so that it loads quicker. Another option might be to use WordPress to manage your content, which makes your websites code simple. Also, keep in mind that larger sized photos will increase the loading time of your website.

These are the most commonly made mistakes that can really bring your business down. These mistakes are the ones that will most likely annoy customers and drive them away. With BosonHub, you can build a website with us and have full support of reviewing your site to avoid mistakes such as these. Also, by hosting with BosonHub, we can use WordPress to make your website clean, sharp, and simple.