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If your team is too busy to update and maintain your webpage, BosonHub will host your site and take care of WordPress updates as they are released. We actively monitor pages for security and uptime, ensuring that your digital presence is always online. Need a change on your page? We can take care of that too!

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Every webpage needs a host – this is where your webpage “lives”. Several large hosting companies can offer decent speed and security, but none offer our hands-on management approach. BosonHub offers hosting, and maintenance packages that ensure your webpage is always up to date, and make sure your company’s first impression is consistently in top form. Many of our clients opt for one of our SEO packages, which include hosting + maintenance as well.

Our Hosting Approach:

Uptime & Security Monitoring

Using world-class plug-ins from WPMU (included in the prices listed below), our team consistently monitors your website to ensure it is always online. This is particularly important for ecommerce clients or sites engaged in Google Ad campaigns. Our tools check for latency, and security, and we will know in an instant if there are any problems. We run regular malware scans and have an action plan for any contingencies.

We'll make changes for you!

We heavily focus on empowering our clients to make changes on their own pages, through building on a user-friendly platform (WordPress + Divi) and through dedicated education time in each project. However, for many clients, making changes to their website takes time that could be better spent running the business. On all of our packages, we include a set amount of change time to make minor modifications to your page each month.

Google-backed Servers

BosonHub leases large servers from reputable server companies globally, and manages them on behalf of our clients. The backbone of our preferred vendor (SiteGround) gives the option to choose which data center you want to use that is closest to your customers, as well as provides a CDN (content delivery network) for speed and security. Our servers include SSL certificates (this shows “secure” next to your URL when visitors come to your site) and automated, daily backups that can generally be restored in less than an hour.

Consistent Updates

WordPress powers an impressive 40%+ of the Internet, meaning it can be a target for hackers. One of the most common ways that we see compromised webpages is through outdated software. WordPress core, theme, and plugins all have their own working parts that should constantly be up to date. Well-built webpages can have updates run automatically to ensure your webpage doesn’t become a security risk. We also constantly stay updated on plugin updates and security patches so we can help mitigate the risk of these creating potential security holes.

Not sure where to start?

Hosting Packages:

Hosting + Maintenance

Recommended for ecommerce or clients with multiple webpages
  • Google-backed hosting with multiple, global server centers.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.
  • Automated, daily backups.
  • Updates to WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugins.
  • Security and uptime monitoring.
  • Minor changes to webpage, including text images, ecommerce items, plugins, etc.
  • Installation and utilization of WPMU plugin suite and tools.
  • Multisite Hosting + Support.
  • Includes live, in-person, and phone support.
  • 1+ Additional hour of dedicated time for page additions and changes.

Active Management 

If your company has an active webpage with dynamic content or requires frequent updates, BosonHub can create a custom package of discounted, dedicated hours each month to ensure your site is always fresh. For our clients, we manage company blogs (and we write blogs, too!), add or remove products from ecommerce sites, build new landing pages, and much more. If your active webpage is taking time away from business operations, let BosonHub take this off your plate! 

What Our Customers Say:

“Stephen and BosonHub is a great choice for web hosting and website creation. They’ve always got my back, and someone is always available to answer questions, and I have a LOT of questions. Fantastic!”

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