Did you know that there are more Spanish speakers in the US than in the country of Spain? That’s 41 million native speakers with another 11.6 bilingual. It is important for your businesses to be able to reach all of their potential customers and because of the vast amount of Spanish speakers around us, now is a great time to learn a second language. There are many apps out like Duolingo, or audio teachings like Pimsluer’s Spanish lessons. Both of these programs are fun, interactive, and easy to use. They make it simple as can be to become fluent in any second language, not just Spanish. You can translate these skills into your digital marketing effort by providing marketing materials in Spanish, or another language, to reach non-native English speakers. It may sound overwhelming, but it is actually pretty easy to do this, including making your webpage multi-lingual.  

There are many companies that specialize in translating. Human translators are the most accurate because computer translators like Google Translate don’t always understand slang, colloquialisms, or words specific to language subsets (such words used in specific countries or cultures within Spanish.) These translators are getting better, and at the very least, there are lots of free plugins you can use to utilize these, but our recommendation is always to use a human translator if possible.

Where we come in.

Did you know that the entire BosonHub team speaks Spanish? I, Stephen Hodges – CEO, have been speaking Spanish for more than two decades. It is something that I am extremely passionate about and love to be able to use within my business. Our entire team speaks Spanish at the fluent or native level. We can help your company reach a new goal of being able to market to the Spanish speaking customers you may be missing.

Language is important and your website is a huge representation of your business. We want your website to be even more empowering with the ability to translate your content into other languages for optimization of client interests. You can learn the language or you can leave the translation to us.

Looking to learn Spanish in 2021?

Take a look here: https://www.langoly.com/learn-spanish/