Nowadays, websites are becoming one of the main ways for companies to make money. Since websites are the core of most companies, then it would only make sense to secure it. Imagine being a ecommerce company relying on your website to be reliable and up to date; what would happen if your website shut down? Even if your website shut down for a day, you could lose thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands. If you are using your website as the main outlet for your company, then you should secure it like a fortress because this will be a target for hackers. Here are some ways you can secure your website from hackers.

Take Advantage of WordPress Security and Firewall Plugins

WordPress is one of the most common CMS’s used, and plugins like woo commerce can make this an ideal tool for startups. However, your website can be vulnerable to hackers, thus causing a huge loss to your company. WordPress is also unique because of plugins, one of them being the WP Security & Firewall, which is “a comprehensive, easy to use, stable and well supported WordPress security plugin” ( It will secure your accounts, database, file system, and more. Also, a firewall is you first line of defense from hackers, and this plugin will provide a strong firewall, which is constantly updated to protect against the newest viruses. The best part about this strong, reliable plugin is it’s free!

Strong Passwords = Strong Security

Dictionary targeted attacks are one of the most common ways of breaking into websites, which will locate a password, possibly giving them hacker a backdoor access. This means that they have control of your website, database, an everything else. Constantly updating passwords and keeping them strong will make it almost impossible for hackers to attack. Keeping your passwords updated is very helpful in keeping your website secure.

Encrypt Links With SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

When users are purchasing a product on your website or updating user settings, hackers can steal vital information such as identity and credit card numbers. Tools like key loggers are ways that your website can suffer a big hit, which will affect you, your business, and users. Implementing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate to your website will prevent attackers from stealing vital information like card numbers. Encrypting sensitive links between your website and a user is always good practice in protecting yourself and others as well.

Beware of Users Uploading Files

Users uploading files, such as images, can unknowingly take malware into the file and inject it into a server, which will execute it and can cause serious problems. Keeping users from directly uploading files to a database can prevent these types of attacks. The best way to prevent these attacks is to deny users direct access to upload files. In addition to that, files that are uploaded to your website can be stored in folders separate of the webroot. This means that files with code will not execute themselves because they are separate from the server. To access these files, you need to create a script to access these file from the separate folder. Isolating files is the best way to keep users from sending you files with malware.

Keep WordPress Plugins Updated

Last but not least, it is always a good tip to keep WordPress plugins updated because outdated ones can have faults in its source code, which will provide attackers access to your website. Update plugins to keep your website up to date and safe from attackers of all kinds. If attackers are not your worry, you should still update plugins to constantly patch bus that may be present in your website.

These are the few tips that Boson Hub suggests to keep your website in check and safe from attackers. In this modern age, the Internet is always used as a way for companies to make more money. But, these same companies can lose money when their websites crash because of attackers. These tips will help you secure your website and not be like these companies. When you host with Boson Hub, our meticulous web developers will go to extensive lengths to secure your website and make it super-reliable. Security is one of our priorities, and Boson Hub will make your website so that you can trust that your website will be up and running, day or night.