We have been working very hard over the last few months building webpages and managing digital assets for our clients! It has been so much fun to come along side our various business and nonprofit partners. It only made sense for us to start our own blog after creating and assisting social media strategies with our clients.

I (Stephen) took a road trip down the Oregon Coast to the Redwoods for a change of scenery. It was neat to work on projects in different coffee shops, and on boats, and enjoy the amazing scenery we have here in the Pacific Northwest. We got to drive through on of the drive-through trees called the “Tour-Thru Tree” near the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California. It was quite the unique experience to drive inside of the tree, and it is amazing the tree is still very much alive.

Please stay tuned with up-to-date news about our company, our clients and the web-development industry at-large. We will also use this blog to support our non-profit partners, so keep an eye out for those posts as well! We will post 2 or 3 blogs per week, and also keep updating our Facebook as well. Keep in touch!