I have always had an interest in technology. When I was 15 years old, I started buying and selling old Apple products on eBay to see if I could make money to support my upcoming trips and college expenses. This entrepreneurial experience left me wanting more when I began classes at Oregon State. I started a few companies including computer hardware repair, iPod repair and upgrades, and business consulting, but nothing felt overly fulfilling.

After graduating, I began to build webpages, since many of my consulting clients were looking to create a digital marketing strategy. I started building webpages on WordPress, learning about themes, CSS edits and keyword-based content. The picture above is the first webpage I created, for a friend of mine who is an author of nautical books.

We certainly have evolved over the years and I am thankful for how much I have learned and how much BosonHub has grown. More recently, we have brought on Frank, David, Adam and Kevin to combine their years of experience with mine, to increase our productivity, availability and bandwidth. Adam is an expert in brand strategy and communications, Kevin is our resident SEO and community management guru and Frank and David are able to do incredible things through their coding talents. Our team has more than a decade of combined experience in digital asset management.

We are totally dedicated to seeing small businesses grow and to be the one-stop shop for all things digital! We would love to serve you and partner with you. Anyone is always welcome to email me directly at hello@bosonhub.com for a free consultation for upcoming projects or business strategy changes.