In addition to BosonHub, I am honored to teach business at Oregon State University and computer science at Treasure Valley Community College. At both schools and with our non-profit, Nerds Abroad, I am constantly asked what coding language students should start learning. While we focus on the basics of web development with my classes at both institutions through learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., I am starting to suggest to students that Python is the next best step in coding education.

A little history of Python: Over the years, programming languages have come and gone. However, in 2008, programmers began to see an influx of this Python language. According to Codecademy, Python is the “fastest-growing major programming language in the world.”  Just in the past year, Codecademy has seen a growth in enrollment classes for the Python language by 34%. A main reason for the rise in interest would be connected to the rise of interest in data science. Another major factor for the growth of Python is its versatility. Codecademy reports that there are over “125,000 third-party Python libraries, which make Python more useful for specific purposes, tradition all the way to cutting edge (e.g. web development, text processing).”

So what you can do with it? As I mentioned earlier, Python has a wide range of purposes. Ranging from web development to data science to DevOps. Multiple industries are visiting Python more and more, such as electronics, manufacturing, software, government and especially Universities. These industries who use it for data analysis found that it is a powerful tool to process, manipulate, and visualize data. Even if you aren’t looking to be an expert in data analysis, Python is a wonderful tool for those who simply want to have more programming knowledge.  

The question remains, can I learn Python, even if I am not a high-tech programmer? The answer is yes. First of all, it’s free. Second of all, it’s “somewhat rigid syntax rules make for consistency, so your code that accomplishes a certain task will look similar to another person’s that accomplishes the same task. It’s also meant to be immediately readable by even the untrained eye.” – Codecademy

The free Python track will take you from basic syntax through more advanced concepts like iterating over data structures. Like Python itself, the track will let you go as far with the language as you’d like, in whichever direction would be most useful for you and your career.” -Codecademy

Our team has programmers who can are well versed in the language of Python. Please contact us if you want to learn more. We have a passion for education. We teach our clients as much as they wish to know about how to operate and update their webpages, and we will send you in the right direction if you are looking to build your own page and teach yourself. Remember we offer competitive hosting for DIYers!


2022 Update from Datacamp: Learn Python online!

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