In the age of the internet, a webpage becomes an extension of who you are. Not only is it vital to protect yourself in person, it is just as imperative to protect yourself on the internet. Security  is not something you leave behind when you enter the Internet.  Taking the time to design a webpage is tedious work and like anything you work hard for, securing it is essential. To secure your webpage, you must know why hackers target webpages in the first place.

What are the reasons for hacking a webpage? 

SEO Spam

Selling illegal products on the internet is easy when hackers can use your website to direct traffic to their site.  This is the crux of SEO spam.  Becoming successful at search engine optimization can only occur when your webpage is free from SEO spam. Due to the ease of hacking webpages, SEO spam becomes a simple redirection of your customers into unwanted territory.

ID Theft

Selling an identify is really big business. Experian notes here that different pieces of your identify are worth different amounts of money, some items worth as much as a couple thousand dollars. Hacking into a site could be the first step into stealing an identity of a user or a site owner. Even the smallest of webpages could give cues or hints of sensitive information that could lead to IT theft. Changing your passwords often and always running up-to-date software on your webpage (we offer this as a service!) are very easy ways to mitigate this risk.


Weak passwords are common, especially for older users. And, if you have a webpage that allows for users to have their own accounts (like a forum or ecommerce), you allow your customers to have their own passwords as well. While it’s best practice to have a strong, random password that you change every 3 months, most people don’t do this. It’s likely your users or customers won’t either. This makes your site an easier target for hacking. 

Small Businesses are easy targets.

It has been stated that every hacker starts somewhere.  That “somewhere” is small businesses, which can be the best place to begin. Webpage security is often overlooked due to the attention given to placing products in front of their customers.  Also, small business owners are more likely to pay a ransom to preserve the business they have built. This causes small businesses to become vulnerable to the demands of hackers.

The Not–So–Crowded Website Market

As of 2018, the website builder WordPress, made up 31% of all websites.  For hackers, this means WordPress built websites that are numerous and most likely standard. Envision stealing a car.  If Honda Civics are the most common car on the streets, thieves would learn how to steal them out of necessity.  This is the case with WordPress.  Since WordPress is dubbed “less technical”, it attracts website builders that aren’t as security-minded.  As hackers survey their market, this website builder is front and center, which makes these webpages easy targets.

For these reasons, webpage security is indispensable.

Here are BosonHub, we offer secure hosting that includes security plugins that help prevent hacking and intrusion. We have experience with several security plugins and know which are the most effective. We bring the safety and peace-of-mind knowing your site is taken care of by us!

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